Our Centre currently only holds Cats. Unfortunately, owing to a lack of funds, we do not currently have kennels and therefore have to pay private boarding kennels to look after the dogs on our behalf whilst new homes are found.

Please call us to arrange a time when we can meet you at the kennels for any viewings. 



Contact number: 01886 822083


From time to time we have dogs that for one reason or another cannot be fully adopted out. For those dogs, we have what is called 'Long Term Fostering'. That means that the fosterer will be responsible for the day-to-day care of the dog i.e. feeding, exercising, taking the dog to the vet if necessary and general love, care and protection. We will pay all the vet fees and be available to give advice if needed.

If you are interested in fostering one of our dogs, please phone 01886 822083


We are urgently looking for short term foster homes for some dogs in our care who need to be in a home environment, rather than kennels, while waiting for their forever homes.
Please call 01886 822083 if you feel you may be able to help.


Brian is a good natured 12 month old Staffy cross, who is looking for a special home, as he is hard of hearing. He is a friendly and affectionate boy. Brian loves company and would love a home where someone is around a good part of the day. He enjoys his walks and needs an active new owner. Brian is fine with other dogs and would be happy living with a canine friend.

Brian is in good condition, neutered, chipped, vet checked and vaccinated. He will be rehomed with 4 weeks free pet insurance. Please call 01886 822083 for more details


Fred is a white 3 year old American Bulldog cross, looking for his forever home. He is a very friendly, affectionate boy, who loves attention and fuss from people. Unfortunately he has not been given much guidance or training, so will need an experienced owner, who can give him the time, attention and training that he needs. Fred is a very active boy and will need a similarly active owner, particularly one who is able to handle a dog who is quite strong on the lead. He has not been socialised around other dogs, so will need some help to get used to being around them. Fred adores being around people and will be a wonderful companion for the right person. He needs to be in an adult home with a secure garden. He is in good condition, housetrained, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and will be rehomed with 4 weeks free pet insurance. If you feel you can help Fred, please call 01886 822083


Benji is a black sweet natured labrador / collie cross, in our care through no fault of his own. He is 8 years old and is looking for a new loving home. Benji is a friendly, affectionate boy who loves company. He would be a wonderful companion. Benji enjoys his walks and is good around other dogs. He is neutered, chipped and vaccinated. Please ring Geraldine on 01886 822083 for more information.  


Bertie is a lovely 3 year old American Bull Dog, who is looking for his forever home. He is rather sad at the moment, as he was rehomed by us last summer, but has unfortunately been returned, because of his owners' change in their personal circumstances. His previous owners were also really upset having to return him and have told us about their experiences with such a wonderful boy.

Bertie is an amazing dog, great with everyone he meets. He is affectionate, caring and funny. He is a clever lad, knows how to sit, do both paws and lie down. In the house, he loves nothing better than cuddling you and lying on your lap while watching tv. At bedtime you just say "bedtime Bertie" and he will just get into his bed and go to sleep.  

He is very nervous of other dogs, especially males. We think he was probably attacked by a male dog when he was younger.

So Bertie needs someone experienced with larger dogs, who will be able to give him the time, patience and understanding to help him overcome his fears.

Bertie is a really lovely boy, who so deserves a loving, caring new home. He is in excellent condition and will be rehomed with 4 week's free pet insurance. Bertie is housetrained, neutered, chipped and vaccinated. Please ring Geraldine on 01886 822083 for more information about Bertie.