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4 years / Female / Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

The lovely Maisie was very poorly with an ear tumour, which, thanks to the generosity of our amazing supporters, we were able to have removed.

We are delighted to announce that Maisie is doing really, really well and we are now looking to find her a home that will initially be on a foster basis while she continues her recovery, but with the plan for it to become permanent once she is all better.

Maisie is 4-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross and she is very shy with people she doesn't know, but once she bonds with you, she really bonds! Then she becomes a typical bouncy, crazy Staffie!

Because of how nervous she is, she will need a quiet, calm adult-only home, where she is the only pet. We have also found that Maisie is very nervous around men so a female owner would be ideal. 

She will also need a secure garden where she can run around and enjoy zoomies! She is a very intelligent and active girl who would enjoy agility work.

Whoever fosters/adopts her will need to comfortable with checking and cleaning her ears on an ongoing basis as the canal of her hearing ear is narrowed.

She is a lovely girl who has lots of energy and love to give so if you think you could offer her the loving home she needs, please visit our website and complete a Perfect Match form which should be emailed to


8 years / Female / Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Smiley, happy Ruby is a lovely girl; she is full of nervous energy, bless her heart, but we feel sure that she will calm once settled in a home. She is a typical Staffie - happy and super-friendly with people, her tail is constantly wagging, and she loves everyone.

She has also shown no interest in the cats she has seen at the Centre, and she has been friendly towards other dogs, happy to meet and then comfortable to go off and do her own thing.

She is 8 years old, though you wouldn't guess it from her exuberant energy! She absolutely loves to play and is one to enjoy zoomies - though we have to be careful as she does have a poorly leg.

Ruby came in with an infection in her leg which has led to some arthritis so she will most likely need anti-inflammatory medication ongoing.

Ruby absolutely loves toys, and she loves to chew! She is happiest when she has something to exercise her jaws with - we think that chewing soothes her, though she does also love to eat!

Being such a fan of her food, she is a little overweight so this does mean she will need to be put on a diet. When she loses some weight, this should definitely help her joint pain too.

To apply to offer this lovely girl her forever home please complete a Perfect Match form, which should be emailed to


4 years / Female / Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Please note that Dora is NOT from our Branch, she has been homed via RSPCA MACCLESFIELD BRANCH but homed in Warwickshire. As a home-to-home adoption is sought, we are sharing Dora's story to potential adopters in the Midlands area.

When Dora first came to us back in 2017 she was 6 months old. She, along with other animals, was removed from the property after reports and video footage were sent to the RSPCA of regular dog beatings. The perpetrators were prosecuted and received a custodial sentence.

We are saddened to say that Dora is now looking for a new home since she was adopted in 2017. She was always well socialised; fostered with two dogs originally and was friendly with all dogs she met. However, as time went on post-adoption the relationship with the resident dog and dogs out and about has gone downhill. She has fought the other dog in the home a couple of times and, as the dog is much older and stressed, the decision has been made for Dora to be rehomed as the only dog. As we do not have a space to physically accept her into our care she is in situ while we find a new home. But if things progress between the dogs she will have to be moved to kennels.

We have two reports from a behaviourist who has assessed Dora which we will share with any prospective adopter whose application is successful, on paper it reads so much worse than is the reality so meeting Dora should be the deciding factor. She travels well and is healthy however, she is on Apoquel for sensitive skin.

Dora is a very affectionate girl in the home. She loves to sit close and be fussed over. Dora loves to play – chase, ball, tug with a rope. She needs an adult home with experience and knowledge but no other pets. A quiet rural home away from urban and residential streets where she can relax on walks and just enjoy herself. She can be anxious of some strangers visiting the home, so a prospective new owner would need to visit her a couple of times.

“She is better on her own. The thing about Dora is all anxiety. She loves everyone but worries that she’s going to get hurt so appears more aggressive than she actually is. I think on her own with training she could be the perfect dog for someone. As I said we understand it isn’t easy and will take time but just want the best for her.”

We do think her past experiences, at the hands of humans, have had an impact on her life. She is such a lovely dog, she just needs all the attention to herself and to be number one


  From time to time we have dogs that for one reason or another cannot be fully adopted out. For those dogs, we have what is called 'long term fostering'. This means that the fosterer will be responsible for the day-to-day care of the dog (i.e feeding, exercising, taking the dog to the vet's if necessary and general love, care and protection). We will pay all vet fees and be available to give advice if needed. If you are interested in fostering one of our dogs please see the contact details above.


We are always looking for short-term foster homes for some dogs in our care who need to be in a home environment, rather than kennels, while waiting for their forever homes.
Please contact us by the details above if you feel you may be able to help.