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4 years / Female / Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Maisie is a loving, loyal and highly intelligent girl, who is desperately seeking her forever human. Despite having come to us with a painful growth in her ear, which has required surgery and invasive follow-up treatment, she has forged an amazingly strong bond with our team. 

Though she was a little wary initially, she soon learned to trust her handlers, and as her confidence has grown she has got to know many other people, and now adapts to new faces and situations much more quickly and easily.

She is also one of the most affectionate dogs our team have ever worked with; when she knows and trusts you, she will shower you with kisses and cuddles! She just adores being around her human friends and sitting on their laps when she gets the chance. She absolutely loves being stroked and massaged, and whenever she enters the playpen she will jump up on her platform to command attention, like the queen she is! She also loves being towel dried, seeing it as the ultimate pampering session...and of course, she adores playtime afterwards when she can shake and fling the towel around!

She is a really good girl, very intelligent and receptive to commands, and her recall is excellent - because she is so loyal she doesn't like to go too far from her human's side and will instantly bound back when called. We had worried that the operations she has had may have resulted in her hearing being compromised, but Maisie knows every word you say to her!!

She has her cheeky side too and when she does something a little bit naughty, she will zoom around the place and then give you that "butter wouldn't melt" look!

She loves her cuddly toys, and she simply adores nosing through her collection to select her favourites, which can change according to her mood. Her hotdog and burger always remain in favour though! 

She is bouncy, funny and watching her when she has "zoomies" truly is delightful. She has a signature "jump and spin" move when she is excited, and her "mid-zoomy" play bow, where her front legs splay out either side is utterly adorable! 

Maisie will need a home where she is the only pet, and ideally one that is adult-only, preferably with a female as her main carer...though she has formed a close bond with a male staff member, so with patience we feel that she will become just as loving with the man in her home.

We are looking for a foster home initially, with a view to this becoming a permanent adoption once she has settled, and with this in mind, we would be looking for homes local to Worcester, ideally within a 30- minute drive of the city.

Maisie is an absolutely lovely, sweet-natured girl who has bags of energy and so much love and loyalty to give, so if you think you could offer her the loving home she needs, please complete a Perfect Match form which should be emailed to


  From time to time we have dogs that for one reason or another cannot be fully adopted out. For those dogs, we have what is called 'long term fostering'. This means that the fosterer will be responsible for the day-to-day care of the dog (i.e feeding, exercising, taking the dog to the vet's if necessary and general love, care and protection). We will pay all vet fees and be available to give advice if needed. If you are interested in fostering one of our dogs please see the contact details above.


We are always looking for short-term foster homes for some dogs in our care who need to be in a home environment, rather than kennels, while waiting for their forever homes.
Please contact us by the details above if you feel you may be able to help.