Please call 01905 821272 (Option 2) if you think you can provide a loving home for one of our rabbits.

All of our rabbits are neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and flea treated. Our animals are moving in and out of our care on a daily basis, as such the featured animals on these pages do not necessarily represent the full extent of animals in our care and sometimes we are unable to post some of our animals online.

Please note that we do not house or rehome rabbits and guinea pigs together.

Please press the link below to learn about rabbit care, including minimum size recommendations, enrichment and more

Rabbit Care Information

Below is a link to download a Perfect match application form, please fill this out and email it to the below address. If you are struggling to fill out the PDF document, then please email us or contact us via Facebook Messenger requesting a form and we will send you a Word document version instead.


Casanova (RESERVED)

1 year / Male / False Netherland Dwarf /1.42 kg

Casanova is searching for a bunny love match.

He came into our care with another male bunny but they didn't always see eye to eye and had started to fight. Therefore they are now being homed separately and each will be looking for a leading lady bun to share their lives with.

Casanova is a False Netherland Dwarf, aged one year and he has been neutered already.

He previously lived as an indoor rabbit and was free roaming, so a similar set up in his new home would be the ideal option. He is also litter trained.

Personality-wise, he has bags of it!! Casanova has already shown himself to be every bit as adventurous as his famous namesake, instantly starting to explore his new surroundings when he arrived at the Centre. Casanova is quite independent and on his own agenda! He is happy to be stroked but does mainly enjoy charging around all over the place. 

He isn't too worried about toys although he has recently started to play with his treat ball and he only really enjoys eating hay-strangely for a bunny, he turns his nose up at greens!

He is full of fun and very entertaining-he may be small but his character is most definitely larger than life! So if you have a lady bun who is looking for her perfect match, then please get in touch!

David Hasselhop

1 year / Male / Lop Cross / 2.37kg

Meet David Hasselhop, named after suggestions phoned in by BBC Hereford & Worcester listeners!

David (or "The Hop" as we affectionately know him) is a very active boy. He loves to run around and is something of an escape artist, so potential owners would need to be aware of this! He loves his platforms so the more things he has to jump and stand on, the better, and he also gets through a cardboard box every few days...he loves them!

"The Hop" has bags of character-as you can see in his gallery below, this boy loves to strike a pose!!

He is also very particular about how he likes his pen to look-whenever we set things up, we will return to find that he has reorganised everything... he is clearly all about the "feng shui"!

David will definitely need the company of a lady bun, and whilst he would love someone who could match his energetic ways, he may equally enjoy the calming influence of a more laid-back lady who he can snuggle up with! While he does enjoy interacting with humans, he's not yet ready to embrace being fully handled, which makes it all the more important that he finds his perfect bunny companion.

He is approximately a year old, and he's been at The Centre for too long now; he really deserves to find his forever home. He will make an incredibly entertaining addition to any bunny family, but he will need lots of space and enrichment opportunities. Please refer to the Rabbit Care Information section of our website for more about this and our minimum size requirements for rabbit housing.

To apply to adopt "The Hop" please complete our Perfect Match form which can be found at the top of this page and email it to animalcentrestaff@rspcaworcester.org

Archibald and Winston

1-2 years / Male / Crossbreed / 2.19kg / 2kg

These handsome and rather unusually patterned bunnies are Archibald and Winston.

Found abandoned at a roadside, huddled together with a third male bunny, these boys weren't chipped or neutered and were looking rather dishevelled; Winston (the white and brown spotted bunny) appearing to have some yellow staining on his white fur.

Archibald, the ginger/brown boy, is missing a front paw though his disability certainly doesn't slow him down! We don't know whether this has been caused by an accident or a birth defect, or whether the foot was deliberately amputated but he appears not to be in any pain with it.

Quite remarkably these boys remain friendly and confident. They love to run around and will climb on you and take treats from your hand. They get along very well together (rare for unneutered males-though of course they will both be neutered prior to any adoption).

We estimate them to be 1-2 years old and they will make lovely family pets.

To apply to offer them their forever home please complete a Perfect Match form, referring to our Rabbit Care Information page for advice on minimum rabbit housing size requirements.


1-2 years / Male / Crossbreed / 2.05kg

Orson was found abandoned at the side of the road with two other bunnies. When brought into our care, the decision was taken to separate Orson from the other two boys as he had visible fight scars, which suggested that he may have fought with the others.

This is quite common when unneutered males are kept together, and sadly it seems poor Orson came off worse. Therefore, we will be seeking a home for him with a female bunny for company.

He's a lovely, friendly boy, aged 1-2 years with lots of personality. He enjoys running around so will need a home with lots of space - please refer to our rabbit housing minimum size guidelines.

To apply to offer Orson his forever home, please complete our Perfect Match form and email it to the team animalcentrestaff@rspcaworcester.org.uk


3 years / Male / Lionhead Lop / 1.5kg

This gorgeous boy is our very own little, fluffy Cloud!

Cloud is around 3 years old, and he is a very small boy, rather underweight, so he does need feeding up! This should be no problem as he loves his food especially his greens!

He may be small in stature, but he more than makes up for this with his larger than life character! He is a friendly and funny bunny, who can be a bit sassy if he doesn't get his own way-he's not afraid to express his displeasure with some adorable foot stamps-though equally when he's happy he'll show it with his impressive binkying ability!

Cloud is a very inquisitive bunny, who loves to be involved in everything that is going on, and can't wait greet you and follow you around. He loves human company however he hasn't had much experience of being handled, so he is only just learning to enjoy being petted. He is such a sociable little man, he will definitely need the company of a female bunny who he can snuggle up and share his greens with.

Cloud was previously being kept in a very small hutch, so now he has more freedom he just loves to run around! He will therefore enjoy having lots of space in his new home. He is also very clean in his pen so he would make an ideal house rabbit though he'd also love outdoor access as he loves to explore.

To apply to adopt Cloud please complete our Perfect Match form.

Please also refer to the Rabbit Care Information section of our website for minimum size requirements for rabbit housing.


1 year / Male / Crossbreed / 2.13kg

Chippy is a bunny who hasn't had things easy; found housed in very poor conditions with two other bunnies and being fed on scraps.

Now Chippy is feeling lonely without his lady friends as they were separated before Chippy found himself in our care, and he really needs to find a new companion or two.

Considering his poor housing and diet, he appears to be doing well; he is still to be fully assessed by our vet but other than a poor coat condition, no other issues have been identified.

He is around a year old and he's a friendly, confident bunny; and with that adorable white splodge on his nose, he is a real cutie!

If you have a female bunny or two and would like to offer Chippy a home where he can finally enjoy lots of space to run around, please complete a Perfect Match form, which should be emailed to animalcentrestaff@rspcaworcester.org.uk