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Fred Timmbles, Georgina, 

Sully & Valentina

  • Age: 4-6 months
  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair
  • Gender: Male & Female
  • Looking for: Each pair are seeking an adult-only home. All four get along very well, but due to Fred and Valentina being very nervous, we feel that they would benefit from being paired with a more confident friend. Therefore they will be paired with either Georgina or Sully.


Georgina, Sully and Fred Timmbles have been with us for quite some time, after being found with a number of other kittens living in a garden. They have been on quite the journey, as they were initially completely unsocialised and unhandleable but over time, thanks to the love and patience of our team, these little guys have blossomed into very lovely young cats.

They are the last of the gang to be adopted, and being left with a trio did present us with something of a dilemma. We didn't want to separate one from the others, so we did initially search for a home for them as a trio. Then little smoky grey girl Valentina arrived in our care, just 4 months old and utterly terrified of people. It was immediately clear that Valentina needed the security of being with other kittens, so introductions were made and we're delighted to say that this affable trio immediately welcomed her into the fold!

As she and ginger boy Fred are the most scared of the bunch we feel that, in order to successfully make the transition to a new home, they will cope better being paired with a more outgoing and people-friendly companion. And considering their difficult start, black and white beauties, Georgina and her brother Sully, are now very receptive to people and they definitely give the others much-needed confidence. 

f you would like to offer a home to Valentina and Sully or Georgina, OR Fred and Sully or Georgina, please email or complete our online form below:

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