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Nora and Nellie (RESERVED)

  • Age: Nora; 6-8months Nellie; 3-4 months  
  • Gender: Female
  • Home: Indoor home - minimum 6 x 2 foot
  • Company: To go together


This beautiful pair is mother and daughter Nora and Nellie. 

They are both a bit skittish and nervous of people but get more confident around dinner time! Nellie the daughter (Black, brown and white) is more confident then her mum and is first out to investigate anything new in their pen and to come for food. 

Their age is a bit of an unknown however Nora the mum (Black and tan) is still growing so only a baby herself. We are looking for an indoor home for this pair, in accommodation like C&C caging that is at least 6x2 foot. Please check out this link for more details;

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