Holiday Care

Holiday care can be stressful for both you and for your rabbits. When going on holiday you need to think carefully about what's best for your bunnies, whether you get someone to look after your rabbits at home or you chose to board them.

Home Care :-
Choosing to keep your rabbits in their home and getting someone to stay with them or to pop in a couple times a day is the preferred option for many rabbit owners as it is less stressful for bunnies to stay in their own, familiar environment. Most people will get a family member, friend or neighbour to care for their pets when away but please be sure they are rabbit savvy and know what to look out for if your bunnies are to suddenly become unwell. If you are not able to get someone you know to look after your bunnies, then a professional pet sitter who is rabbit savvy is the next best thing.

Boarding :-
If you cannot keep your rabbits in your home when you are away, then you can choose to board them instead. There are many professional rabbit boarding establishments, however finding a good one can be tricky. Before dropping your rabbits off to a boarder, make sure you check out reviews online, ask your local vets and check out the place before making any arrangements. All good boarding places should stick to the minimum size requirements, have clean accommodation and have plenty of time to monitor and spend time with your furry friends. When you find a place, make sure to bring your rabbits' enrichment and some used, but clean, bedding so they have something familiar in a their new, temporary environment. Before boarding, please check that your rabbits are up to date with all vaccinations.