Litter training

Rabbits are naturally very clean animals and only tend to go to the toilet in one or two places. This is good for us as it means they can be easily litter trained! Good tips for litter training your rabbit are;

dividerpng  You should provide at least one litter tray per rabbit plus one, which means if you have a pair of rabbits it is recommended to have three litter trays. Litter trays are easily obtained either online or at any pet shop. At RSPCA Worcester we use both cat litter trays and also potting trays for the larger rabbits or rabbits that are less mobile. Potting trays have a high back and sides but a low, accessible front. These can be bought from most garden centres.

dividerpng  When you first get your rabbit you should take notice of where they like to go to the toilet and place the tray in that area. They will toilet somewhere they feel most comfortable.

dividerpng  When you start training your rabbit to use a litter tray plan for accidents. Every rabbit is different, some may take longer to train the others. Be patient, never punish your rabbit for not using the tray, instead reward them when they do.

dividerpng  The bottom of your tray needs to have a layer of rabbit friendly litter. Non-clumping, paper-based litter is the best to use for rabbits as its biodegradable, safe if accidentally ingested and should not contain any dust.

dividerpng  Rabbits like to eat as they toilet so make sure they have access to hay in the litter tray by placing hay on top of the litter or, alternatively, the litter tray can be placed underneath a hay rack. Rabbits will spend a lot of time in their litter trays so make sure they are big enough for your rabbit; a good rule of thumb is to get a litter tray that can fit two of your bunnies sitting next to each other or one of your bunnies lying down.

dividerpng  Clean the litter tray regularly, at least once a day, but be sure to leave or place a few poo pellets in their litter tray at the beginning of the training to encourage them to associate the smell of their droppings with their toileting area.