Rabbit checklist


dividerpng  Check and change litter trays
dividerpng  Refresh water bottle/bowl
dividerpng  Refresh hay
dividerpng  Check bottoms, and in the summer/ warmer months this should be twice daily
dividerpng  Feed 10% fresh and 5% nuggets


dividerpng  Completely clean accommodation
dividerpng   Do a health check especially looking for:
   Eyes - Make sure they are clear and bright - Ears - Clean with no foreign bodies - Teeth - Make sure they are eating and drinking ok, being given lots of opportunities to chew and not dribbling -  Fur - Not balding, making sure there are no parasites and that their fur is mat-free and shiny - Skin - No lumps, bumps or injuries - Bottom - Clean bum with no soiling/ faeces stuck to their fur -  Nails - Look at the length, checking to see if they need trimming


dividerpng Take to a rabbit savvy vet for a Health check, teeth check and their annual vaccination.