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Rupert (Roo)

  • Age: 9 months
  • Breed: French Bulldog
  • Gender: Male
  • Home: A home with no young children, but possibly another dog
  • Company: I would prefer someone to be with me for most of the day


Rupert (or Roo as we call him) was the poster boy for our Holdings Halloween Spooktacular photo shoot, as he's such a handsome chap who happily strikes a pose for the camera!

At just 9 months old, he is a typical French Bulldog...friendly, extremely sociable with people and other dogs, and he definitely has a mind of his own!

Roo loves to play and to meet new people, and he will need a home where someone is with him for a good deal of the day as he loves company, and will cry when he's left alone, though he is generally quite quiet, only barking when someone knocks the door or when he is playing with another dog.

Roo is a great traveller, and loves nothing more to jump in the car and go to new places.

He isn't fully housetrained yet, but he's getting there!

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