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Sophia and Sage

  • Age: Sophia is 2 years old and Sage is 6 months old
  • Breed: Lops
  • Gender: Both female
  • Home: Indoor or outdoor home - minimum 3m  by 2m by 1m high
  • Company: To go together 


This mum and daughter duo are the beautiful Sophia and Sage.  

They came into our care not that long ago with Sage's dad, Sebastian, through no fault of their own. These two lovely bunnies are full of life and character and love nothing more than to explore and run around their new pen! 

We are looking for a home for them together where they can spend their days playing and running around. They can live either indoors or in a large enough outdoor accommodation (please see our care page for more information on housing). 

They love their platforms almost as much as they like to play with toys! Sage (blue and white) is the most outgoing and normally the first to food and any new toy in her pen, while her mum is a bit more cautious and would rather be hand fed treats than stroked while she gets used to us. 

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