Dog Kennel Unit Appeal

Over the years, we have been helping many dogs in need, caring for them and finding new forever homes.

With many more dogs in need, the only way for us to support them is build more dog kennels where we can welcome, care for and rehabilitate them.

With the build of our new reception block, kitchen facility, dog grooming and veterinary room now underway, the final stage of our plan is to build a 20 kennel block unit. To do that, we need your support.

If you would like to contribute, helping us help dogs in need, please consider donating to our virtual fundraiser "The Holdings Dog Kennel" at or by visiting

You will be able to leave a message that will definitely cheer up our team of volunteers, staff and supporters - as well as our pet guests.
Thank you in advance for your support!


The RSPCA Worcester and Mid-Worcestershire branch are raising funds to build their reception and dog kennels.

If for any unforeseen reason this cannot be achieved, or there are surplus funds raised your donations will be used for the care of/ to the benefit of animals in the care of the branch.