• Age: 2.5 years old
  • Breed: Dwarf lop
  • Gender: Female
  • Home: Indoor or outdoor home - minimum 3m by 2m by 1m high
  • Company: Needs a friend(s)


This beautiful girl is the very sassy Clover.

Clover came into our care recently through no fault of her own, when her owners no longer wanted her. Clover has had a much needed nail trim and brush, and is now neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. 

Clover is a confident little bunny who likes people but can be a little nervous around hands and being stroked but our team are slowly showing her that she has nothing to fear, and that hands often have tasty treats in them! Although she's not big on being touched yet, she still wants all of your attention on her at all times and can get a little jealous if it's not; often staring at us with the occasional stomp if we dare to let another rabbit into the corridor for a run around before she gets her turn!

Clover loves to run around (the bigger the space and longer the stretch the better!), go through tunnels and eat her favourite foods, one of which is definitely coriander!

We are looking for a home for Clover with someone who has another rabbit (or rabbits!). As always our minimum size requirements are 3m by 2m by 1m high at all times and we do not rehome to hutches. Please check our our Rabbit Care Page for more information or email us at

If you would like to apply to adopt this lovely girl, you can complete our application form online by clicking the link below:

Upon completion, just hit "Submit" and your form will be sent straight over to our team.

All animals at our centre are vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and health checked by a veterinarian.