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Dynamite (RESERVED)

  • Age: 1 year
  • Gender: Male
  • Home: Indoor or heated outdoor set-up
  • Company: Looking for a female friend


This cheeky boy is the handsome Dynamite.

Dynamite came into our care last march after being dumped along with two other rabbits in Wales in very bad condition. He is a sweet boy and will accept some head rubs off his favourite people while eating some treats, but prefers to be around people rather than being handled.

Dynamite was up for adoption last year after he came in, however had to be taken off our website due to an abscess that had formed on his ear (now fully healed) and some dental treatment he needed. Dimond (a nickname from his favourite volunteer) has responded very well to a new dental diet and now only needs a dental every 6 months, of which he recovers very well. 

He loves to run around so will require a large space for him to run around. He is fully litter trained and has been used to having heating so would need to go to an indoor home or a heated outdoor set-up.


His favourite past time is to rip apart cardboard boxes to find his herb mixes and treats. His favourite treats are Fibasticks and will grab them off you and do a 'happy dance' before settling down to eat it.


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