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Fred Timbles 

  • Age: 8 months
  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair
  • Gender: Male
  • Looking for: A calm, quiet and understanding adult-only home, either with his friends Valentina and Georgina (no other pets), or with a single, young, confident cat with whom he can bond.


It's been a little tricky to know how best to proceed with rehoming Fred.

He came into our care with a large group of kittens who had been living outdoors, with no human socialisation, which is vital for cats at early age. Missing out of this meant that he was enormously distrustful of humans, yet he happily lived with the other kittens in his group, and also with other kittens who were introduced to them later on.

Fred was one of the more nervous ones, so it was decided to pair him with one of the more confident kittens from the group, and they both went to live in a household where there were other young cats resident. 

Sadly things didn't work out, and Fred did end up biting his adopter...we're unsure whether there were too many cats in the home-he did form a strong bond with one of them but was less keen on the others we are told.

Back in the cattery, Fred was reunited with his old friends, Georgina and Valentina who are still searching for their forever home. The moment he saw them he was miaowing to them and there have been no issues whatsoever with reintroducing them-he's settled back in like they were never apart!

Due to his clear love for his friends, our preference would be for the three of them to go a home together, though they would need to be the only pets due to how overwhelmed Fred became with the other cats in his previous home. We realise that this is a big ask though-to take on three cats, two of whom are particularly shy-so we are also open to finding a home for Fred on his own too...but we feel he would need a feline companion, ideally one who is a similar age but much more confident around people.

If you think you may be able to provide Fred (with or without his friends Georgina and Valentina, who have a separate bio which you can read here) please either email us at or complete our online form (link below).

Fred is a beautiful young cat and while we feel he is likely to always be a slightly nervy boy, we do feel that he has the potential to flourish into a lovely cat once he is in the right home and learns to trust his forever human(s).

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