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Heathcliff & Cathy (RESERVED}

  • Age: 2 years
  • Breed: Domestic Longhair / Shorthair
  • Gender: Male / Female
  • Looking for: A very bonded pair seeking an adult-only home. 


"I can say with sincerity that I like cats; I can give very good reasons why those who despise them are wrong.
A cat is an animal who has more human feelings than almost any other being. We cannot sustain a comparison with the dog, it is infinitely too good; but the cat, although it differs in some physical points, is extremely like us in disposition...
A cat, in its own interest, sometimes hides its misanthropy under the guise of amiable gentleness; instead of tearing what it desires from its master's hand, it approaches with a caressing air, rubs its pretty little head against him, and advances a paw whose touch is soft as down..."

So wrote Emily Bronte back in 1842.

She went on to write Wuthering Heights, her only novel and a Great British classic, while her cat Tiger slept under her feet.
So we think she'd have approved of our choice of names for this most bonded pair of cats.

Like his brooding namesake, Heathcliff can be rather intense and grumpy, and when he and Cathy had to be separated while they were waiting to be booked in for neutering, Heathcliff was not happy at all!

Cathy is a sweet-natured girl, albeit a little shy, but when Heathcliff hisses she can get worried and join in.
However she is growing in confidence by the day and will happily give you head bumps and enjoys being stroked. We are hopeful that Heathcliff will take her lead in the future and come around, but right now people are not his favourite thing (see photos!).

We are seeking an adult-only home, with understanding people who can accept Heathcliff's wild ways! If this is you and you would like to offer a home to this couple of beautiful cats who have an unbreakable bond, please complete our online form.

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