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  • Age:  2 years (approx)
  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair
  • Gender: Male
  • Looking for: A understanding, calm, quiet, adult-only home


Shy boy Stefan is struggling with life at the moment…he is only young (around 2 years we would estimate) but he’s not had proper care or socialisation sadly, so the world is a very scary place for him.

He shows no aggression, instead he has retreated into himself and curls into a ball like a little hedgehog when touched. It truly is heartbreaking so see such a shutdown cat, and we are working hard to try to bring him round,however the cattery isn’t ideal for him and we’d love for him to find his forever home.

Stefan needs a calm, quiet adult-only home, perhaps with another cat from who he can learn that people aren’t all bad.

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