• Age:  18 months

  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair

  • Gender: Male

  • Looking for: A calm adult-only home, ideally as the only cat


Timmy is a lovely boy who has been through an awful lot, having been passed from pillar to post and having had negative experiences with  resident children. He is clearly a loving boy, but very anxious and worried, so we are seeking a calm, quiet, adult-only home (or one with older teenagers who are gentle and won't crowd him),

We also think that Timmy needs to be an only pet as he has reacted negatively to other cats he has encountered.

At just 18 months old, he is still very much a curious kitten...he has never had access to outdoors, but we feel that going forward, he would benefit from this, though he will need a safe environment which is free of traffic. Being able to explore a good-sized garden with his human at his side initially would be perfect for him.

All animals at our centre are vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and health checked by a veterinarian.