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Albert and Percy

  • Age: 10-11 months 
  • Gender: Neutered males
  • Home: Indoor home - C&C caging, minimum 6 x 2 foot
  • Company: To go together


These two little fluffballs are Albert and Percy. 

New in and a little shy, but getting more confident each and everyday, even venturing a foot out of their pen now in search of their fresh greens. Percy (white, black and ginger) is the more confident of the two, normally popping his head out of his hay box first to grab his food, shortly followed by his brother Albert as they are completely inseparable and follow each other everywhere. 

They love their tunnels, and hay boxes and their favourite foods are spring greens and mint! 

They are both neutered and microchipped  and recovering really well. We will be looking for an indoor home for this pair as this is what they are used to, in a C&C style cage of at least 6x2 foot. Please check out this link for more details;

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All animals at our centre are vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and health checked by a veterinarian.