Other ways you can help your local Branch

dividerpng Fundraising via your own event

You may prefer to get involved by organising your own event; a fete or a sponsored dress down day at the office or at school, for example. We have information packs available for you to organise your own pub quiz or coffee morning.

dividerpng Offering an alternative home to a cat

We are always on the look out for alternative, rural homes which can provide an outdoor lifestyle for cats who have not been properly socialised with humans, where they are able to live more independently from people whilst still having the security of shelter, regular meals and veterinary care should they become injured or unwell. These homes must allow cats to roam freely without being confined and provide a sheltered environment where they can eat and sleep.

Some types of homes they may like to live at might include, but are not limited to, stables, farms, gardens (with outbuildings), garden centres etc.

You might consider yourself more of a 'guardian' than the owner of these cats but, in the same way that people enjoy feeding and helping the wildlife they live alongside, caring for one of these cats and allowing them to live independently yet safely can actually be very rewarding.

If you can give one of these cats their second chance and are able to offer them suitable accommodation and commit to their care, then please do get in touch - these kinds of homes are very much sought after and needed! You can email us at animalcentrestaff@rspcaworcester.org.uk or give us a call on 01905 821272 (option 2).

*Please note that all cats will be neutered, chipped and health checked prior to leaving our care.*