• Age:  6 years

  • Breed: Domestic Midhair

  • Gender: Male

  • Looking for: An adult-only, calm, quiet home, ideally as the only cat


Nervous boy Bobby recently arrived at The Holdings with another cat, Elsie. He was known locally as a long term stray, along with Elsie, and initially it was thought that the pair were bonded. Since arriving with us though, they have fought, so we have now separated them. Both cats are very scared and shut-down, though Bobby has been more responsive to fuss than Elsie.

Bobby is thought to be around 6 years old, and we are yet to really get to know him as he just freezes when humans try to interact, and although he will accept gentle strokes he seems to tolerate rather than enjoy at the moment.

Our experience with cats like Bobby tells us that this is just a temporary state...he has so much trauma to process after his difficult life that it will take time, so a patient, understanding human is a must.

We think Bobby would be best in an adult-only home, and preferably as an only cat, though we will continue to assess him to see whether it was just a one-off clash with Elsie, or whether we need to rule out all other cats.

He's a lovely boy, just very scared and unsure right now, so if you think you could be the one to help this boy rebuild his life and learn how to trust, please get in touch.

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