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LeClerc and Rene

  • Age: LeClerc is estimated at least 5 years old and Rene is a 1 year old
  • Breed: French lops
  • Gender: Males
  • Home: Indoor home - Free-roaming or own room with a minimum size of 4.5m by 3m
  • Company: To go together

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT LeClerc and Rene:

This lovely pair is father and son LeClerc and Rene. 

LeClerc and Rene are very laid back, and actually have some very dog-like characteristics... they love to be with their humans and like to follow you around everywhere (watch out, as they will get under your feet for attention! Zut alors!!).

This lovely duo love to be around people, generally following us around everywhere for strokes and treats! They love destroying boxes, so any amazon delivery boxes go straight to them to destroy in the matter of minutes! While LeClerk does love a good run around, you will often find him having a snooze while his son Rene is running and jumping, causing mayhem everywhere. 

Once they are done running around and trashing boxes, they both love a good cuddle! LeClerc especially will happily sit and lay down beside you for hours if he could, while you are giving him lots of strokes and massages. 

They are both massive foodies and love their fresh greens more than anything! They don't have time for puzzle feeders, often throwing them around to get their nuggets rather then working them out first, so we tend to scatter their nuggets instead. As you can see from the pictures, although LeClerc is getting on in age, he still loves to dig in his digging box, often burrowing his face in first!

We will be looking for a permanent foster home for these two as indoor rabbits with someone in the Worcester area. This is due to LeClerc having a few health conditions that includes arthritis and osteoneogenesis which at the moment is very manageable with metacam (he is very easy to give metacam, just hold out the syringe and he runs over to lap it up). Permanent foster means that these guys will be able to go to a loving new family and home while we stay in control of any medical issues/treatments and pay for any ongoing vet fees.

As they are a giant breed, they will need an extra-large space to call home (our minimum size of 3m x 2m x 1m high, increased by at least 50%) as well as lots of enrichment to keep them happy and occupied!!

If you would like to apply for these to handsome boys, please complete our application form online by clicking the link below:


Upon completion, just hit "Submit" and your form will be sent straight over to our team.

All animals at our centre are vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and health checked by a veterinarian.