• Age: 3 years old
  • Breed: Lop
  • Gender: Male
  • Home: An indoor or outdoor home with at least 3m by 2m by 1m high
  • Company: Looking for a friend. 


Introducing our longest staying rabbit, the lovely Leroy! 

Leroy has been in our care for a little over a year now due to some treatment he was receiving for his eyes. Leroy was very nervous when he first entered our care, normally hiding away and grunting, but with time and patience he is now confident and happy to be around people. Once you have created a bond with our Leroy he will be more than happy to climb on your lap for treats and some fuss. 

We are looking for a home for Leroy where he is able to be kept separate from another rabbit while he settles in and then taking the bonding slowly. He has had quite a few different treatments for his eyes and an x-ray to check for obstructions and we are now pleased to say he is now up for adoption. 

He is a confident boy who LOVES his food, normally darting (normally over estimating his speed) when he hears his nuggets heading his way. 

His favourite past time is digging, and loves his digging box (Plastic box with safe top soil). If he isn't running around, eating or digging, you'll find him on his platform taking a snooze, or sitting next to his neighbouring rabbit.

Leroy is a lovely rabbit that deserves the very best home, we all absolutely love this cheeky boy and are hoping that 2024 is the year he finds his forever family! 

If you have a another rabbit (or have seen another rabbit on our website that you are also interested in) and would like to apply to adopt, you can complete our application form online by clicking the link below:


Upon completion, just hit "Submit" and your form will be sent straight over to our team.