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  • Age: Beatrice is 9yrs and Lottie is 7yrs
  • Breed: Lionhead cross and Netherland Dwarf cross
  • Gender: Both female
  • Home: Indoor home - minimum 3m  by 2m by 1m high
  • Company: To go together 


These two beautiful sisters are nine-year-old lionhead cross Beatrice and her sister from another mister Lottie, who is a seven-year-old Netherland dwarf cross.

Beatrice and Lottie came into our care when their owner moved and couldn't take them along. These two are completely inseparable and are always together and sharing everything. If you go in to stroke one, the other must also get her head in there for the same.

Lottie does have the start of arthritis in her hips so we are looking for an indoor home that can keep her nice and toasty. Lottie is on Metacam which she takes very well, no need to pick her up as she takes it willingly from the syringe, but new owners just need to be careful, as Beatrice does try to steal it, and if you turn your back for a second she's hanging off the end of the syringe trying to lap up the delicious meds!

They both love company, being hand-fed and getting those all important strokes! They are litter-trained; the tray needs at least one to be side lower so it is easily accessible for Lottie to get in, but saying that she does love her low hidey hole platform and doesn't seem at all bothered when jumping up and down off it!

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