• Age: 6 months old

  • Breed: Long Haired Syrian

  • Gender: Male

  • Home: Non-barred cage - minimum size of 100cm by 50cm by 50cm


This sleepy fluffball is the gorgeous Nugget

Nugget came to us after not having had the best start to life and being very underweight. He has had a full check up at the vets, and other than a little weight gain needed, he is healthy.

Nugget is now looking for his new forever home where he can be spoilt and loved. From looking at our night camera, we can see that he is an early riser, normally awake around 8pm and is on his wheel for most of the night once he's finished foraging for his scattered Syrian specific seed mix or sprays.

As always, the minimum size for hamster accommodation is 100cm by 50cm by 50cm. We are in the process of writing a hamster care page so in the meantime for more information on hamster accommodation and care, please email us at
To apply to adopt this lovely little man, please submit an application by clicking the link below:


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