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  • Age:  1 year

  • Breed: Domestic Longhair

  • Gender: Male

  • Looking for: A home where he can get out and explore, where he has lots of company, and ideally a playful young cat as a friend.


Super-floof Oreo may look like butter wouldn’t melt, but he definitely has a mischievous side!!

Aged around 1 year, Oreo is a playful kitten who loves to be in the thick of things. We have to allow him out into the corridor and kitchen, as being confined to a pen doesn’t suit him at all. Once out and about he likes to get acquainted with all the other cats…not all of them appreciate his exuberance, but we think he’d do well with another young cat who matches his energy levels!

Oreo is going to need a home where he can safely explore outdoors, and one where he gets lots of attention too, so ideally with someone is at home for a great deal of the day.

Photos really don’t do this boy justice as he has the most amazing floofy tail, his back legs look like he’s sporting a very fetching pair of pantaloons and he has a silvery ruff which isn’t obvious in the photos.

Yet despite being a fancy pants in the looks department, Oreo is a real clown whose funny antics make us laugh all the time…see some of the “outtakes” from his photo shoot!

He’s a total bundle of fun, and there’ll never be a dull moment with Oreo in your life. Click the link to our online form here:

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