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  • Age: 16 months

  • Breed: French Bulldog

  • Gender: Male

  • Home: A quiet, adult-only home with a secure garden

  • Company: I would prefer someone to be with me most of the time


Rupert (AKA Ru) is back in our care as unfortunately things didn't work out in his new home.

Going forward, we are are seeking a calm/quiet household with one or two adults, ideally where someone is at home all day.
At just 16 months, Ru is still a puppy and as such he does enjoy using his mouth when he plays - he can sometimes get a little over-enthusiastic with those puppy nips so he needs someone who is used to dogs and who will help teach him kindly when enough is enough! He is typical youngster who will push boundaries if you allow it, but he does know when no means no!
He's what we call a "velcro dog" as he establishes really strong bonds with his chosen humans, hence the need for him to have company most of the time.

He will run barking when someone knocks the door but with proper introductions he is fine with visitors.

He loves to play, travels well in the car (in fact he really enjoys his outings -particularly if there is a puppuccino at the end of it!).
Everyone who meets Ru falls in love with him, and he has so many cute quirks (like how if it starts to rain while he's out on his walk, his little legs go so fast that it's like a comedy sketch)!

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