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  • Age:  7 years

  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair

  • Gender: Male

  • Looking for: An understanding, adult-only home, potentially with another cat from whom I can learn confidence and trust of humans


Rykard came into our care with another cat, Malenia, but after almost two months of very little progress, we came to the decision to separate them as it was felt that they were feeding off each other’s nervousness.

While Rykard would accept some attention, Malenia would growl and hiss and this would spook him. So they have now been moved into individual pens, and both are slowly starting to adjust.

We have very little background on Rykard as he and Malenia came in from another rescue where they had been for some time. Their backstory is unknown but both cats have a real distrust of humans.

We think he may do well in a calm, quiet, adult-only home where there is another cat who can show him that humans aren't as scary as he fears.

If you feel that you can offer the calm and understanding that Rykard needs, please complete our online form (link below)...

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