DIY Enrichment

Hamsters love to burrow, the more bedding you can provide them to dig in, the better. The minimum depth of bedding is around 10+
inches. Some substrates aren't good at holding together their tunnels, so some bedding can be mixed to make their burrows hold better. Some bedding/substrate we recommend are; Carefresh, Fitch First, Aspen, Clean and cozy, Tea bag, Megazorb and Aubiose (hemp).  

To add more enrichment for your furry friends, try adding some different type of textured substrates in different areas of their accommodation. Good and safe textures could include; Coco soil (expanded with water then baked in the oven), Cork granules and Coco husks, coco coir, beech chips, meadow hay, sphagnum moss, pillow moss, shredded cardboard, hemp, hemp mat, corncob litter, slate, large flat stones, and granite slabs.