• Age:  8 years

  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair

  • Gender: Male

  • Looking for: A home as an only cat, where he can safely roam so ideally quite rural, but one where there is usually a resident human (or two...or three) for him to return home to for regular fusses and feeds!


The adorable Teddy truly epitomises everything we love about ginger boy cats!!

He is friendly and loving, with bags of purr-sonality, but he has his independent streak too!

Teddy has been a well-loved pet, but when a change of circumstances led to his family moving house, he unfortunately couldn't quite come to terms with the transition. He kept returning to his old stomping ground...crossing two busy roads to do so, consequently risking his life every time. 

At almost 8 years old, Teddy had clearly become stuck in his ways, and we think that the new area his family moved to had too many neighbouring cats for his liking, and he also preferred the open spaces of his old domain.

So we are seeking a particular home-more rural would be preferred, as an only cat ideally, and a home where he is more-or-less guaranteed a human friend every time he returns home. A cat flap would also be essential for him.

In return, this boy has so much love to give...he is one of the best natured, most easy-going cats you could hope to meet. He just adores fuss and attention and never gets his claws out so would be fine with children.

To apply to offer Teddy a home, please complete our online form by clicking the button below.
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