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  • Age:  14 years (approx)

  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair

  • Gender: Female

  • Looking for: A home either single or as a pair, with safe outdoor access


Not all cats come into our care as a result of neglect, cruelty or abandonment. Some, like Thelma and Louise, have been well-loved pets but have had to endure the heartbreak not only of losing their beloved owner, but also of consequently losing their home.

These girls had a loving owner but sadly he was taken ill and has had to go into a hospice, so we stepped in to take care of them. This is a vital part of the work we do within the local community, and our priority now is to get Thelma and Louise into a loving home(s) of their own.

Unlike their movie namesakes, these girls aren't so bonded...they get along, but they certainly wouldn't drive over a cliff with one another!! 

Thelma has bags of confidence compared to shy-girl Louise...Thelma loves fuss and attention, whereas Louise is much quieter. She may look a little moody but she's a sweet girl - just very shy.

They are both estimated to be around 14 years old though we're unsure how accurate this actually is.

Both girls enjoyed access to the outdoors in their previous home, which was on a quiet road backing onto fields. We would be seeking similar going forward-particularly for Louise, as she was the keenest on exploring and the more independent of the two.

While they get along just fine, we also think they would cope quite happily separately (we suspect that Louise can be rather overshadowed by Thelma!). 

The link to our online form is below - please just specify whether you would like to adopt Thelma, Louise or both of them together.

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All animals at our centre are vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and health checked by a veterinarian.