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  • Age:  6 years

  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair

  • Gender: Male

  • Looking for: A rural home where he can safely roam, and one where he is the only cat


6 year old Zack is brand new into our care and has already showed himself to be quite the character, strutting around the cattery like he owns the place and hissing at the other cats!

He's very confident and happy to be handled, though if he objects to something (like being picked up and moved back to his pen) he will grumble and let you know in no uncertain terms that he is displeased!

Zack has been a well-loved pet but when another cat was introduced to his home, he let his paws do the talking and did a disappearing act. Reunited with his owners after being hit by a car and sustaining an injury to his hind leg (thanks to being microchipped), Zack stayed only long enough to recover and then he was back to his old ways again. It is clear from this (and his reaction to the other cats in the cattery) that he MUST be the only cat in his new home. He will also need a home which is rural and away from any busy roads.

He does love people and enjoys human contact, so we do feel that in a home where there are no other cats he will be less inclined to go off...though he will need the freedom to come and go, and a big garden with plenty of fields to explore would be ideal for him.

He's a big chunk of a boy, loves his food and we think he has the potential to be a loveable rogue - there'll never be a dull moment with Zack, that's for sure!

He has never lived with dogs (though a submissive one who accepts that he is boss may be a possibility), nor young children, but we think he'd be fine with older children. 

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