Please call 07484 905707 if you think you can provide a home they deserve and need.

All RSPCA cats are neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Most of these cats have been rescued by RSPCA Inspectors, found abandoned and wandering the streets.

Our animals are moving in and out of our care on a daily basis, As such the featured animals on these pages do not necessarily represent the full extent of animals in our care.

We update these pages on a weekly basis. However, some of the featured animals may already be reserved.


4 Years old / Male / Domestic Short hair

Mash is our very sweet but very sensitive boy with a little floppy ear and sad expression!
Mash was a stray that had been hanging around an area for a while until he was bullied by the other cats and became injured and has unfortunately contracted FIV.

He is a sweet but very very nervous boy, having clearly not had much experience within the domestic environment. Despite this though, he seems to be a shy boy who avoids any confrontation- he will always hiss but never swipes out and chooses to move away or curl up in a little ball.

We are hoping we can work wonders within him during his stay with us, but are looking for a calm, understanding home to give him time and space to develop, ideally with a quiet garden he could have supervised outdoor access to.


3 years old / Female / Domestic Shorthair

Willow is a young tabby girl that is ideally looking for a rural, outdoor home. She would suit life on a farm or livery yard where she can have all the space she desires and can come and go as she pleases. She may suit a large, spacious home with very experienced owners that have a strong understanding of cat behaviour. Willow is one of those cats that cannot quite make up her mind on whether she is comfortable with people or not, as such she can be a little bit temperamental when being fussed and handled. She deserves a special home with special people, so if you are that person or family, please do get in touch! ​


9 year old / Male / Domestic Short hair 

Boris is new to the centre, and being a former stray is finding his new surroundings a little worrying. Given time and plenty of TLC we are hoping Boris comes out of his shell, as he seems a sweet boy. Boris is looking for a quieter home, where he can eventually have the outside access he is use to.


3 year old / Female / Domestic Short Hair

Apricat is a very sweet girl, who loves to have a wonder and watch people while they work. She is a chilled out girl, but she doesn't particularly like other cats or dogs so we are looking for a home where she can have all the attention herself!
She needs a nice garden to pottle around in as she does enjoy the sunshine!


14 years old / Male / Domestic Shorthair

Bruce is a very very sweet elderly gentleman who has clearly been in the wars. He loves a fuss and even more his food! We are looking for a home with someone in to spend lots of time with him and get him back in tip top condition!

Madge and Tilda

6 years old / Female / Domestic Shorthair

These two superstars are Tilda and Madge!
They recently arrived to us as a fair, and have been extremely sweet, if a little nervous.
We’re hoping once they get settled down we’ll see their true personalities shine through, which from this early stage looks like two little lovebugs!
Despite arriving as a pair, they seem to tolerate each other more so than enjoy each others company, so we will be willing to rehome individually to a suitable forever home for these two sweethearts

Picture coming soon!

Selection of Black / Black and White kittens

11 - 12 weeks/ Male and Female / Domestic Shorthairs 


5 years old / Male / Bengal

Rajah is new in to the center so we are still getting to know him

Picture coming soon.