Please call 01905 821272 option 2 if you think you can provide a home they deserve and need.

All RSPCA cats are neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Most of these cats have been rescued by RSPCA Inspectors, found abandoned and wandering the streets.

Our animals are moving in and out of our care on a daily basis, As such the featured animals on these pages do not necessarily represent the full extent of animals in our care.

We update these pages on a weekly basis. However, some of the featured animals may already be reserved.

Dillen (Reserved)
18 years old / Female / Domestic Shorthair

Hi I'm Dillen, I came to the RSPCA because I was badly injured from my life as a feral and I had to have my tail taken off :(. In my old age I have come to start to trust people a bit I do love a little head scratch from those I have gotten to know. I am looking to start my domestic retirement as I am getting on a bit now and I am open to making new furry friends but I would prefer not to live with any children. Please don't be put off by my age, I am in good condition and I would give you so much love for giving me a chance.
If you think you can offer me my dream home please contact the centre.

4 Year old / Female / Domestic Shorthair

Hi I'm Bow. I originally came to the RSPCA through no fault of my own, I was re homed with a nice couple as an outside cat because here at the centre I was very worried about my space and would bop people.
However I came to like company and fuss more than being outside so I had to come back here to continue my search for my forever home. It would ideally be furry friend free and adults only as I am quite shy still. I think I would quite enjoy an indoor home.
I need an owner willing to have a project- I have proven that I do love fuss from people I trust, it just takes me time! If you think you could offer me my dream home, please contact the centre.

Evie (Reversed) 
2 years old / Female / Domestic Shorthair

Hi, my name is Evie!

For a young soul, I have had a lot of changes and different homes- some of which I found quite stressful, but now I am here in the cattery with my own space I am showing the staff how sweet and gentle I am

I would prefer a home with older children as I have had some bad experiences with very young, very loud children- but maybe if you have a shy child like me we could get on? Maybe we could meet here at the centre first!

I might get on with a calm dog that can give me space, but I really don't like other cats- again I haven't had the best interactions with them!

I love a fuss and slowly my confidence is growing and the staff think that I will soon return to my kitten self once I feel settled

If you would like any more information about me please call the number above.  


5 Year old / Male / Domestic Shorthair / FIV +

My names Roger I came to the RSPCA as I was found wondering the streets on my own.

I am now looking for my forever home. I would really like a home with lots of outdoor space as I am still quite scared of people. Once I trust you I will come and say hello and accept some fusses.

I do have FIV, but the nice vet has said it is very easily manageable and I will love and appreciate you more for looking after me. 

If you think you could offer me my forever home please contact the centre.


3 Year old / Male / Domestic Short hair

Hello, my name is Chico, I'm a loving little bean who was found wondering out and about on my own little adventures.

I have been in the centre for a little while and am looking for my new loving forever home. I'm a delightful fella who loves fuss and is absolutely mad for food (nothing makes me happier then dinner time). I do also enjoy a good play time, but I have been told I can sometimes play a little to rough.

If you would like anymore information about me please call the number above.   


2 Year old / Female / Domestic Short Hair 

Hello, my name is cherry, I'm a pretty young lady who came to the centre through no fault of my own.

I came into the centre with my two kids but am now looking for a home of my very own. When you meet me, I may be shy but that is just because this place is still new and scary and new people can be quite scary too. But when you get know me, you'll see I’m a lovely young lady that will brighten your day and will make a great edition to your family.

If you would like any more information about me, please call the number above.




4 Year old / Male / Domestic short hair

Hi! My name is Reggie and I was found injured, wandering the streets until a nice member of the public took me to the vets

I have never had a home, but I do know that people can be friendly- when I get to know them. I am still settling in, I have been through a lot in my short time and you can see it all over my face.

My friends here are currently unsure if I would like to live with another cat or dog yet, but they think older children might be better as I can be a little jumpy with sudden movements 

If you think you could give me the TLC I deserve, please contact the centre for more information about me.


4 Year old / Male / Domestic Long Hair / FIV +

Hello, my name is Clinton I'm a lovely buy little shy fella who came into the centre through no fault of my own.

I came into RSPCA care when a very nice member of the public found me in the streets struggling on my own and brought me in to the centre.

when you first see me, I may appear a little shy but that is because you are new and I don't know you. But when I realize you are not scary then you will see I'm a lovable little boy who is always happy to see you and who you will always be happy to see in return.

I do have FIV but the nice vet said it’s not as bad as people think and very easy to manage. It will also mean I will just love you more for loving and giving me a family despite this.

If you would like any more information about me please call the number above.


2 Year old / Female / Domestic Short Hair 

Hi! My name is Demi

I was handed in to the local vets after a member of the public had been feeding me for several months. The staff here think I must of been part of a Stray colony at one point, as I was already spayed and have a bit missing from my ear. I am a little wary, but very affectionate once I get to know you.

I think my ideal home would have older children, if any, and ideally no doggos but I may be willing to share with another feline friend

I miss the outdoors, so a lovely garden to wander in would be ideal! I could be well suited to a home that needs a hunter- although I am not feral so would like the luxuries of having a home rather than an out house

If you would like any more information about me please call the number above. 

4 Years old / Male / Domestic Short Hair
Hi! My name is Daniel and I am a very sweet although a little shy, FIV+ boy

I had been a stray for a little while and got myself in a bit of a state! Now I am rescued, I am ready to enjoy my new home life, however the streets have left their mark on me and I am FIV+
Please don't let this put you off! I can still live a lovely normal life, I just need to have more supervised garden access as my immune system isn't as good as other cats- so I could be best suited to an indoor lifestyle!

I am quite wary- this is all new for me! So a home without lots of other pets or young children would be ideal, maybe with someone around to spend lots of time brushing my lovely coat?! I really love a good fuss!

If you would like any more information about me please call the number above.  

Dominic and Tululah (Reserved)

Dominic - 6 week old / Male / Domestic Short Hair
Tululah - 6 week old / Female / Domestic Short Hair

Hello, we are Dominic and Tululah, we are a playful pair of kittens who came to the centre through no fault of our own.

We are still very new to the centre and getting used to being here. However, despite this we are still both very confident and love to have and have fun.

We have been together since birth and would like to find a loving forever home together. if you would like any more information about us please call the number above.

Stevie and Wonder 

Stevie - 11 week old / Male / Domestic Short Hair 
Wonder - 11 week old / Female / Domestic Short Hair 

If you have been following our Facebook you may have already seen us before and know our sad little story, but luckily it can have a happy ending which you can be a part of.

When we came to the RSPCA the people who worked there immediately noticed something was wrong with our eyes as they looked very sore and we were having problems seeing things. The Vets said that we were both missing our upper eyelid which will be a straight forward, but expensive operation- which isn’t the nicest thing especially for two little kittens that just want to run around and explore!! However, despite this the people at the RSPCA refused to give up on us and was able to find an eye specialist who was able to help us! Wonder has had her surgery as her eyes were worse, however my operation won’t be till I am a bit bigger (6 months old)

We are looking for a loving forever home together, where we can spend their rest of our lives being happy little cats exploring new things and seeing the world clearly for the first time! If you think you could be our new family, please call the centre. Lots of purrs, Stevie and Wonder x

We plan to let Stevie and wonder initially go on a fostering agreement, with full adoption taking place once all veterinary treatment is completed. We are seeking a home for these two together, no young children. They will require at least one adult at home most of the time. They will require eye drops daily for some months to come, so you we will need someone experienced and confident in administering eye drops for these two.

The plus side and there are one, is these two are just adorable, very affectionate, very playful! They will turn somebody's home into a family. For more information and to register your interest please call 01905 821 272 option 2.



10 year old / Male / Domestic Shorthair

Benson is a very sweet and gentle boy who came in as a 10 year old entire stray! This of course had led to him getting a huge facial abcess we had to treat asap

He is a little shy at first, but once he gets to know you he is very gentle and sweet, with a big round cuddly face to die for!

Being an older gentleman, we don't feel he would wander far but would appreciate a garden to pottle around in. We are still figuring out if he would want to live with furry friends, so ideally if he does they would need to be very calm and friendly so as to not overwhelm him

Patrick (Reserved)
5 years old / Male / Domestic long hair 

I came to the RSPCA through no fault of my own, I have settled in well and made lots of new human friends. As you can see I am a very handsome boy with lovely long hair that I will need you too groom for me and stop it getting all knotty. I miss home life and the company that came along with it. I get along with other friendly calm cats like me but I am a bit wary around dogs as they never seem too like me much. If you think you could offer me my forever home please contact the center.

8 years old / Female / Domestic short hair

Aubrey found herself back in the centre through no fault of my own, she has again settled in really well. She is a very friendly lady who is a bit jumpy and finds new things a bit stressful. She ideally needs a home where someone is around most of the day to keep her company and give her some TLC. She could potentially live with other friendly and calm furry friends and also coould live with sensible older children. If you think you could give Aubrey her forever home please conatct us at the centre.