Please call 01905 821272 (Option 2) if you think you can provide a loving home

All of our cats are neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and given flea and worming treatment before adoption. Most of these cats have been rescued by RSPCA Inspectors or found abandoned and wandering the streets. Our animals are moving in and out of our care on a daily basis, as such the featured animals on these pages do not represent the full extent of animals in our care and sometimes we are unable to post some of our animals online.

Below is a link to download a Perfect Match application form, please fill this out and email it to the address below. If you are struggling to fill out the PDF document, then please email us requesting a form, or send us a message via our Facebook page with your email address, and we will send you a Word document version instead.


We are now inviting applications from people who are looking to offer a home to a kitten, preferably two (or even three!). 

Please be aware that our policy is to home kittens in pairs wherever possible, or in the case of odd-numbered litters or where there is a single kitten, we look for homes where there is/are already a resident kitten/kittens. We also don't home kittens to be house-cats only; while we do recommend keeping kittens indoors for several months initially, we believe that access to outdoors in the longer-term is more beneficial, therefore homes away from busy roads, ideally with a secure garden are what we look for.

If you feel you meet this criteria and are looking to welcome the pitter patter of tiny paws (and claws!) this summer then please complete our complete a Perfect Match form which can be found above and email it to our team. We will then keep applications on file and contact you as and when suitable kittens become available.

Please note that our adoption fee for kittens is £90 per kitten. Kittens will be microchipped and will have received their first vaccinations-second vaccinations and neutering costs will also be covered; you must agree to your kitten being neutered at around 4 months as part of the adoption agreement. We also provide 4 weeks free RSPCA pet insurance cover. 


5 years / Male / Domestic Shorthair

Shy boy, Todd, has been in our care for a couple of months now and is still looking for his forever home.

He is approximately 5 years old and previously lived in a busy home with other animals which was stressing him out. When he came to us he was clearly terrified and this fear would manifest itself in hissing and swiping.

This grumpy behaviour has been putting off potential adopters but we do feel that once he is settled in a home his demeanour will change. We have noticed that Todd becomes more fearful if you show fear of him, which is why many of his meets don't work out, he has bonded with a couple of members of our team (food is definitely the way to his heart!) and accepts head strokes (stroking along his back is still off-limits though).

He has also recently become acquainted with one of our young female cats in the cattery and seems to enjoy her company (they greet one another with a nose rub and even snuggle up in bed together). We feel that, in view of this, Todd may do better in a home with a resident cat, preferably a young female.

He really needs to be in an understanding home, with patient owners who can give him the time and space to settle and come out of his shell.

If you think you could give this handsome boy the loving home he so desperately needs, please complete a Perfect Match form which can be found at the top of this page.


2 years / Female / Domestic Shorthair

Hi, I'm Sparrow, AKA Miss Sassypants as I like to keep people on their toes! 

I'm 2 years old, although I look and behave rather more kittenish than my age suggests. I'm very playful and I don't sit still (which is why the photos don't do me justice!!).

I came into the Centre through no fault of my own; I previously lived in a household where young children regularly visited and I was fine with them, however since coming into the Centre I've been a bit free with my claws so everyone thinks an adult-only home would be best for me now.

I'm feeling rather conflicted since coming into the cattery-while I'm a friendly, chirpy girl (hence my name!), who loves contact, fuss and to rub around your legs, I also do a lot of hissing and swiping too - I just don't know whether I'm coming or going! One minute I'm all sweetness and light but then I get all frustrated and let you know it!

I don't like being confined to my pen and people find I'm more amenable when I'm out of there - I was always a good girl in my previous home and very sensitive to my owner's moods and needs, so the staff think the cattery, with all its strange sounds, smells and all those other cats, is perhaps a bit of a sensory overload for me! They feel that I'll be much better once I get into a home and I'm inclined to agree with them!

I'm also desperate to go outside and explore - I was previously a house cat but I feel the need to investigate that big wide world out there, so I'm putting in a request for some outdoor access!

Although I previously lived with a dog and a cat (though I insisted on being the boss), I've been a bit hissy with the cats I've seen in here (though I'm hissy with everyone to be honest!), and I'm such a Diva I'd probably prefer to be the centre of attention in my new home.

If sassy, slightly complicated cats are your thing, I can promise you that life will never be dull with me around. I'm a sweet little lady at heart, I just believe in the mantra that "nothing worth having comes easy"... I'm definitely worth having in your life, so I don't want to make things too easy!!

To find out more then please call our team on 01905 821272 (option 2) after 11am or fill out a Perfect Match form.

Stig and Dumpling

9 months / Male / Domestic Shorthair

A very special home is needed for these two shy boys, somewhere where they can be given space, time and patience to come round and adapt to their new lives as playful young cats.

At just 9 months old, Stig and Dumpling are the shyest of a number of cats who came to us from a multi-cat household some months ago, suffering with many health issues. All of these kittens were unsocialised, terrified and extremely poorly and it took a great deal of medical treatment, dedication and hard work for our team to nurse them back to health.

Some of the cats adapted better than others, learning to trust more quickly, though most are still shy of being handled; Stig and Dumpling have definitely been the most traumatised by the ordeal of their formative weeks and months of life.

Yet they are both still youngsters and, like all young cats, they love to play.

In Stig's case he will forget his fears and happily interact with humans when it comes to playing with wand-type cat toys that he can chase-he comes into his own, losing himself in playing like a kitten as he leaps around and attempts to catch the toy.

Dumpling is more reserved and shut down, he will hide in his bed, just watching everything around him, still unsure about interacting with us, but he has started playing with other cats-Stig in particular, and recently he has been doing this with us in the room. This is a huge breakthrough and although we feel it is unlikely that Dumpling will ever become a very tactile cat, it does give us hope that he could make great progress once in a home.

It is worth remembering that these boys have not had a normal start to their lives, and although we try to make the cattery as pleasant an environment as possible, it can never replicate a real home-and this is what they really need as the next step in their journey to becoming well-rounded, happy cats.

This won't be an easy fix, so they'll need understanding humans who don't expect too much of them and are willing to take things at their pace. While both cats can be distrustful of people, it is worth mentioning that they have NEVER shown any aggression at all, shrinking away from contact rather than swiping or even hissing. That said, we still think an adult-only home would be ideal, simply because they boys need quiet and calm while they adjust.

They could potentially live with other animals, they have co-existed happily with other cats here at The Holdings, though they can easily be dominated by bigger personalities so any cats already in the home would need to be gentle and accepting of others.

These boys have been through a lot and they deserve the chance of a normal life now. If you would be interested in providing what they so badly need, please contact our team on 01905 821272 (option 2) after 11am or complete a Perfect Match form.


2-5 years / Male / Domestic Shorthair

UPDATE MAY 2022: Danny is now doing so much better and slowly learning to trust us! Scroll through our photo gallery to see how much more relaxed he now is!!

What do you see when you look at photo no 1? Is this an angry, aggressive cat?

Now look at photo no 2... this is clearly a worried cat, scared and afraid, and when you hear Danny's back story you will start to understand...

Danny was abandoned, left in a pet carrier in an underpass with another cat. He was thankfully brought into our care but he is still clearly in shock and fearful of what may await him next. He hasn't lashed out at us at all, he just hisses when we enter his pen but who can blame him? He has been through a terrifying ordeal and he obviously worries what may be in store for him next.

Our job is to change his perception of humans and we're working on it but, as you will be able to appreciate, this isn't always easy to do in the cattery. What this boy needs is a home. He needs to know love, kindness and security.

Could you be the one to provide him with this?

Danny is only young, estimated to be 2-5 years old, he isn't aggressive and has already accepted some tentative head strokes, he just needs an understanding, adult-only home where he can come around in his own time.

If you feel you can offer Danny what he so desperately needs then please complete a Perfect Match form and email it to our team.

Count Dooku

5 years / Male / Domestic Shorthair 

You may have noticed that we do enjoy a Star Wars-themed animal name here at The Holdings, especially when it is coming up to May the 4th (be with you!)...hence this boy being given the name Count Dooku...though this boy is anything but a baddie!!

Unlike his Star Wars namesake, our Dooku is incredibly gentle and sweet-natured. He was found as an injured stray but he absolutely loves contact, fuss and a chin rub.

Though we obviously have no history on him, we can see that this boy will be very easy-going so he would be fine with children, so long as they are calm and gentle. He did sustain his injury from a cat bite so we aren't sure how he would feel about living with another cat and we have no idea how he might react to a dog, but we can say with confidence that this boy will be a loving little man to share your life with.

We believe him to be around 5 years old and we think he will make someone a wonderful companion. 

To apply to become Count Dooku's fur-ever companion, please complete a Perfect Match form and email it to our team.


2- 5 years / Male / Domestic Longhair 

Jacko has been hiding away for too long now and needs to given the chance to lead the normal, happy life he deserves.

He's one of a large number of cats, all unsocialised and consequently very nervous, who have come into our care from the same household. Jacko was rescued by an RSPCA Inspector who has worked with the owners who were sadly unwell and unable to cope with all their cats, returning multiple times to help locate and remove cats from the home. Jacko has been one of the last to be found; it has been a slow process to coax these timid kitties out of hiding and now he's in our cattery this poor little man is still hiding.

Yet not one of the cats from this home have shown any aggression, and all have flourished after finding their forever homes. It's now Jacko's turn to be given that same chance.

He is aged between 2 and 5 years old, he is long-haired so will require regular grooming and although his eyes look a little crossed he has been health checked and no sight issues have been identified so we just think it's one of his quirks that makes him all the more loveable!

If you would like to give this lovely, gentle but shy boy the forever home he so desperately needs, please  complete a Perfect Match form and email it to our team.


4 -8 years / Male / Domestic Shorthair

Dove is looking for an outdoor home with indoor access...

He was found living stray with an injured paw-consequently he was trapped and treated and then found himself in our cattery-which he clearly isn't impressed by!

Despite our best efforts this boy isn't coming around at all and so we feel he is best suited to what we term an "alternative home".
By this we mean a home where he has access to his own shelter (a barn or outbuilding), where he will receive two meals a day and someone will be on site to keep an eye on him.

Dove doesn't trust people but this doesn't mean that he never will - we just think he needs to be given the choice as to the type of life he wants to lead.

He's very scared, very flighty and has clearly not had an easy life. We believe him to be between 4-8 years old and although he hasn't bonded with any of our cattery team, he has equally shown no aggression (other than the odd hiss), unless we try to handle him.

If you have an outdoor space, preferably rural, with a outbuilding which would offer Dove warmth and shelter and could commit to being his carer, then we would love to hear from you. Given time he may come around but he will definitely be a hands-off type of cat for now, and maybe forever. Yet providing these very special homes is an amazing thing to do for these very individual cats so if you could give Dove the opportunity to live the type of life he craves, please complete a Perfect Match form (which can be found at the top of this page) and email it to our team.


9 years / Male / Domestic Shorthair

Mozart is going to need a home with a very understanding person who can learn to read his cues and give him time and space to adjust. He is incredibly nervous and very conflicted right now, we believe he has undergone some form of emotional trauma due to some of his behaviours. 

When he first arrived in our care he showed signs of stress through his breathing, lip licking and cowering. (The short video shows him hunched and uncertain, this was taken on his second day in our care).

Mozart would hide away in the back of his pen initially but is now at the front much more. He will miaow to get your attention and roll around on his back but then he can suddenly switch and become fearful, at which point he can lash out. It is clear he doesn't want to do this, he is just confused and overwhelmed.

In the right home he has the potential to be a wonderful cat, he has just been through a lot and needs someone who understands this.
He is 9 years old and a very handsome boy - he has the most fabulous white ring on the tip of his tail, like a lemur!

He will definitely need an adult only home, we're unsure how he might react to a dog but he has shown great interest in the other cats in the cattery, appearing to crave their company so we feel he would benefit from a home with another cat who he can learn from and who could help build his confidence and trust in humans.

Mozart desperately wants friends - both human and feline - he just needs guidance and a gentle environment where he is not overcrowded.

If you could help this boy to overcome his traumatic past by giving him the love and stability he needs, along with a chilled-out kitty companion, then please complete a Perfect Match form and email it to our team or give them a call on 01905 821272 (option 2) after 11am.


12 years/ Male / Domestic Longhair 

Reuben is always on the go - so much so that we struggled to get photos of him!

There is a reason for Reuben's energy though, and not just that he's frantic for fuss and attention (though this is also true).. Reuben sadly has hyperthyroidism, a condition common in older cats (he is over-12) which causes excessive hunger, weight loss and rather frenetic behaviour.

Fortunately this condition can be treated with either medication and/or an operation to regulate/remove the thyroid gland and we will ensure that we get Reuben to this place before he leaves our care, taking advice from our vets as to best course of treatment for him.

Therefore he isn't quite ready to leave us for his forever home just yet, but he's just so special we wanted to share his details with you and we would be in a position to reserve him, pending treatment, should you be interested in adopting him.

He is an absolutely lovely, friendly cat, he loves cuddles and contact and he has proved himself to be very chilled out upon seeing other cats in our care, so we think he could happily live with a feline friend or two. He is very confident and good-natured so we don't anticipate any issues with him living with children and he could possibly live with a cat-friendly dog.

Due to his condition Reuben is currently extremely underweight and his coat is a little scruffy, but his tail is one of the finest, foxiest we've ever seen and once his levels regulate and he puts the weight back on, he really will be a magnificent looking cat with a large, fluffy mane that will need regular grooming - though we think he'll quite enjoy the extra pampering!

To express an interest in adopting Reuben, please complete a Perfect Match form and email it to our team.


5 years / Male / Domestic Shorthair

5 year old Jupe was signed over into our care last year after his owner sadly passed away.

Jupe had only ever known his owner and always lived indoors with them and he found the move into our cattery extremely traumatic. He was totally shut down and terrified but thankfully we were able to find him a foster home where he has flourished.

Here is what they have said about him;
"Jupe is a quiet, gentle soul. He’s very low maintenance, not motivated by food or treats. It took a while for him to come out of his shell, but eventually showed us a sweet and devoted boy.

He only eats dry food so likes a fresh supply of water.

He needs brushing every day - he loves his daily brush session and it’s the only thing he demands if you walk past his brush, it also stops him getting hairballs which he was prone to before the daily brushing.

He tends to spend most of his time upstairs either chilling on our bed or in the spare room. He’s not shown any interest in outside. He comes alive in the evening which is when he likes attention, rarely leaving bed during the daytime.

He likes his litter changed every day.

He’s not always confident with house guests, he’ll let them stroke him for a bit but if it gets too noisy then he’ll find a quiet corner and wait for it to pass.

He’s good with his scratching post and hasn’t scratched or bitten anywhere in the house."

We are now searching for Jupe's forever home and we would be looking for someone who can offer him a quiet, calm environment with few visitors, one which is adult-only, and ideally where he is the only pet.

As he has shown no inclination to go outside, we feel he would be suited to an indoor home.

To register an interest in adopting Jupe then please complete a Perfect Match form and email it to our team.


We are always on the look out for alternative, rural homes which can provide an outdoor lifestyle for cats who have not been properly socialised with humans, where they are able to live more independently from people whilst still having the security of shelter, regular meals and veterinary care should they become injured or unwell. These homes must allow cats to roam freely without being confined and provide a sheltered environment where they can eat and sleep.

Some types of homes they may like to live at might include, but are not limited to, stables, farms, gardens (with outbuildings), garden centres etc.

You might consider yourself more of a 'guardian' than the owner of these cats but, in the same way that people enjoy feeding and helping the wildlife they live alongside, caring for one of these cats and allowing them to live independently yet safely can actually be very rewarding.

If you can give one of these cats their second chance and are able to offer them suitable accommodation and commit to their care, then please do get in touch - these kinds of homes are very much sought after and needed! You can email us at or give us a call on 01905 821272 (option 2).

*Please note that all cats will be neutered, chipped and health checked prior to leaving our care.*