Please call 07484 905707 if you think you can provide a home they deserve and need.

All RSPCA cats are neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Most of these cats have been rescued by RSPCA Inspectors, found abandoned and wandering the streets.

Our animals are moving in and out of our care on a daily basis, As such the featured animals on these pages do not necessarily represent the full extent of animals in our care.

We update these pages on a weekly basis. However, some of the featured animals may already be reserved.


8 month old / Female / Domestic semi-long hair

This sweet young girl came into our care after local shop owners noticed her hanging around for days. As she wasn’t in the best condition, they kindly took her to a vets. As she wasn’t micro-chipped, all the we could was share her picture and hope someone was missing her. 

Unfortunately an owner has not been found so Smog is looking for her new home. We are still getting to know her, but she seems pretty confident around people she knows, but more weary around strangers.

Smog may need a home without very young children as she has become rather sensitive to being touched. This is likely due to the fact that when she first arrived she was very matted and uncomfortable, and dabbing at staff when we tried to trim her! We are looking for an understanding home with owners with experience of long hair maintenance in cats. 


4 year old / Male / Domestic short hair

Sheldon loves human company and will call out to our staff when he feels ignored! This lovely boy was found wondering the streets and in desperate need of medical attention. Poor Sheldon had dental surgery and was later diagnosed with an auto immune condition requiring on-going medication. 

After all Sheldon has been through we are hoping there is someone out there who fall in love with this boy despite his condition. We are happy to discuss his medical requirements with potential adopters, so please do get in touch for more information.


4 year old / Male / Domestic short hair

Sonic is a quiet and anxious boy due to a rather rough start in life. He is waiting for new owners that will help him feel safe and loved, whilst respecting his boundaries as he finds his feet again. 

We have already taken lots of time to help build Sonic's confidence and even regularly spoon feed him his favourite meals. We are hoping that with time and in the right home he will continue to make progress and learn to enjoy human contact again.

catpng I may be able to live with another cat

dogpng I may be able to live with a friendly dog

familypng I need an adult only home

personalitypng I'm rather shy, but love fuss

Breakfast in bed Our new rehabilitation method for some of our nervous cats proves a success!


2 years old - Female

Alice is a very pretty, sweet girl who has tons of potential for the right home. She came in through no fault of her own when her owner sadly passed away. She is used to living with other cats but due to her nervous nature, we think she would cope better without a dog. She clearly has been well loved, but is struggling to adapt to cattery life ​


7 year old / Female / Domestic short hair

Mabel is an adorable big chunk of love! She has been through a lot and found herself with us through no fault of her own. This lovely girl enjoys attention and is very affectionate towards people she knows.

She is however rather shy and easily spooked by sudden movements. Her ideal home would have no young children or other pets.

catpng I need to be an only cat

dogpng No dogs please, they scare me

familypng Adults only

personalitypng I'm independent


5 years old - Male

Pompy came into us as a stray recently. He is settling in well, a little nervous at first but has settled in nicely and enjoys a fuss. We are looking for a forever home for Pompy where his confidence can continue to grow, and his full character can shine through. Pompy is a gorgeous chap, a true midnight black stunner. ​


 3 Years old - Female

This young girl loves attention and craves human companionship. She can be a little shy around strangers, but once she has settled there is no stopping her! She has lots of energy so is likely to want to spend lots of time outdoors and have plenty of playtime with her new owners. She has previously lived with other cats, so would be happy in a multi-cat house. We think she would be suited to a home without any young children due to her tendency to get over-excited and nibble on hands during fuss and play. ​


8 year old / Female / Domestic short hair

Bernadette may be a little odd looking at the moment, but she is absolutely full of character and love to give! We are looking for a home where someone is about much of this day for this little attention seeker!

She will primarily need to be indoor due to her ears (or lack of) but we think she would appreciate a nice secure garden to have accompanied explores in!


3 years old - Female

Willow is a young tabby girl that is ideally looking for a rural, outdoor home. She would suit life on a farm or livery yard where she can have all the space she desires and can come and go as she pleases. She may suit a large, spacious home with very experienced owners that have a strong understanding of cat behaviour. Willow is one of those cats that cannot quite make up her mind on whether she is comfortable with people or not, as such she can be a little bit temperamental when being fussed and handled. She deserves a special home with special people, so if you are that person or family, please do get in touch! ​


15 year old / Female / Domestic short hair

Flapjack may be an older girl but still has a lot of love to give!  She was left behind by my previous owners before being found and taken in by the RSPCA. She is looking for a peaceful retirement home with a warm lap to sit on!

We are looking for a home where someone is about much of this day for this absolute Gem. She will primarily need to be indoor due to her age but we think she would appreciate a nice secure garden to have accompanied explores in!


5 year old / Male / Domestic short hair

Derek was sadly returned to us after his owners tried everything they could to help him settle into their home. Unfortunately Derek finds new environments highly stressful and needs owners that have the time to dedicate months to his initial settling in period.

He will need a quiet and ideally rural home with experienced owners. As you can see once Derek is comfortable he is very affectionate, albeit still worried (however not aggressive). It took Derek weeks, if not months, get to this stage with us at the cattery and he returned to this stage instantly when brought back to us - emphasising the importance of a stable, consistent environment to his mental well-being.

We love Derek here and know he has great potential to be a wonderful companion. 


2 years old - Female

Megan is a very friendly 2 year old female with a striking look! Like many torties Megan is quite confident and likes her creature comforts. She loves a good head rub and chin tickles. Megan came to us from a multi-cat household and so is likely to be cat friendly toward cats of a similar temperament. ​