Please call 01905 821272 (Option 2) if you think you can provide a loving home

All of our cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and given flea and worming treatment before adoption. Most of these cats have been rescued by RSPCA Inspectors or found abandoned and wandering the streets. Our animals are moving in and out of our care on a daily basis, as such the featured animals on these pages do not represent the full extent of animals in our care and sometimes we are unable to post some of our animals online.

Below is a link to download a Perfect Match application form, please fill this out and email it to the address below. If you are struggling to fill out the PDF document, then please email us requesting a form, or send us a message via our Facebook page with your email address, and we will send you a Word document version instead.


We are now inviting applications from people who are looking to offer a home to a kitten, preferably two (or even three!). 

Please be aware that our policy is to home kittens in pairs wherever possible, or in the case of odd-numbered litters or where there is a single kitten, we look for homes where there is/are already a resident kitten/kittens. We also don't home kittens to be house-cats only; while we do recommend keeping kittens indoors for several months initially, we believe that access to outdoors in the longer-term is more beneficial, therefore homes away from busy roads, ideally with a secure garden are what we look for.

If you feel you meet this criteria and are looking to welcome the pitter patter of tiny paws (and claws!) this summer then please complete our complete a Perfect Match form which can be found above and email it to our team. We will then keep applications on file and contact you as and when suitable kittens become available.

Please note that our adoption fee for kittens is £95 per kitten. Kittens will be microchipped and will have received their first vaccinations-second vaccinations and neutering costs will also be covered; you must agree to your kitten being neutered at around 4 months as part of the adoption agreement. We also provide 4 weeks free RSPCA pet insurance cover. 

Sparrow (RESERVED)

2 years / Female / Domestic Shorthair

2-year-old Sparrow has bags of purr-sonality and has become something of an internet sensation thanks to her escapades around the cattery-she even has her own hashtag - #sparrowskitchen!

This came about after she was adopted and then returned to the Centre through no fault of her own. Having been given the freedom of a home to explore, and then being brought back and confined to a pen was not suiting her at all, which took us to decide to give her access to our cattery kitchen. She is such a character, and she is always up to something, hence we started documenting her adventures on our social media. Such is her following, that merchandise bearing her photo and hashtag is being sold to raise funds for the Centre, and visitors always want to meet her-although she isn't always the most welcoming host!

Sparrow does love human company and being in the thick of things, but she also has to be the boss. She is regularly described as "sassy" and "a diva" and she isn't averse to the odd temper tantrum if she doesn't get her way! When she first came into the Centre, before getting to know us, she would regularly swipe and sometimes try to bite, though she has never inflicted any injuries. Usually, her swipes are with claws retracted, so she doesn't mean to hurt anyone-she just likes to be in control.

At first, she was what we describe as a "hands off" cat, but as she has got to know us, she is actually very affectionate. She enjoys being stroked but not being picked up (she will protest vocally when we do), and she has even become quite a lap cat with one of our staff members who she has adopted as her favourite. However, it does take time to get to know her properly so when people come to meet her, she often disgraces herself by swiping and not showing them her softer side.

We realise that this is mainly just bravado, but as a consequence we wouldn't risk homing her with young children. A cat-savvy person, who can see past her diva-like tantrums and knows that everything has to be on her terms, would be best for Sparrow!

She is a highly intelligent cat who needs lots of mental and physical stimulation. She loves to hunt, run, jump and play. She is always highly alert and watching everything. She loves to be involved in everything we do, whether washing up (she supervises closely), unpacking boxes (she is chief box-tester) and paperwork (lying sprawled on papers is not quite so helpful...).

Sparrow has always lived indoors, and it is clear that she is desperate to go outside and explore. Therefore, we feel that a home in a rural area (no busy roads) would be ideal for her, and we do believe that once she is allowed the freedom of being able to get outdoors, her temperament will calm down. Right now, she is frustrated by being kept inside, and she has so much energy with no adequate outlet for it.

When she did go off to her new home briefly, Sparrow actually behaved very well-no scratching or biting at all, and she simply came back to us through a change of circumstances.

We had initially thought, due to how she has behaved towards other cats in the cattery, that she would need to be the only pet in her home, however she recently formed a friendship with a large, but very submissive, older male cat. This has brought us to the conclusion that she could go to a home with another cat as long as they are a gentle type who wouldn't mind Sparrow being boss.

She's actually so playful that a feline friend could be of huge benefit to her. We don't think
she'd take too kindly to another female, but homes with a laid-back male cat will definitely now be considered. 

She is such a characterful cat, and your life will never be dull if you share your life with Sparrow.

Applications should be made by completing a Perfect Match form, emailing it to


9 years / Female / Domestic Shorthair

The lovely Lilly has come into our care after her owner became ill and had to go into hospital.

She is an absolutely adorable, friendly, chatty and sweet natured girl who loves fuss and attention and appears much younger than her 9 years.

She has been well loved and looked after, coming to us spayed, microchipped and fully vaccinated. She has always been the only cat in her home and we think Lilly would like it to stay that way!

Lilly is FIV+ but this is no barrier to her living a completely normal, full and healthy life (statistically most FIV cats live as long as their non-FIV counterparts). She is in excellent health and though she previously lived as an indoor cat, we can see that she would enjoy outdoor access, being quite an active, young-at-heart girl. A home with a good-sized and secure garden would be perfect for her, she wouldn't be streetwise enough to be free-roaming but she would benefit greatly from the ability to enjoy the great outdoors!

Lilly loves head rubs, though she isn't a great fan of being picked up and held. We think she would enjoy a home with older children or adults, but it would need to be one where there are people around a good deal of the time to give her lots of love.

She is a lady who knows her own mind and enjoys being treated like a princess, so if you feel you can offer her the home she deserves please complete a Perfect Match form.
This should be emailed to


7 years / Male / Domestic Shorthair

This is the handsome Hex, who has sadly come back into our care through no fault of his own.

He is a 7-year-old boy with bags of purr-sonality and a real sweet, sensitive side.

When he was adopted almost two years ago, he was initially rather shy but quickly overcame that and became a welcome addition to the home.

He loves to play and cuddle, and he is the perfect companion to sleep in the bedroom at night as he is happy to sleep through, just so long as he can snuggle with you.

He can be a little anxious, though he has done amazingly well since his return to the cattery, being instantly friendly with new people. He does need a quiet, calm environment though, so we think an adult-only home, or one with sensible older children who won't overwhelm him. He isn't a fan of other cats, and we think a dog could be too much for him, so he really needs to be the only pet in his new home.

Hex has tested positive for FIV, but this should be no barrier to him living a full, healthy life (please refer to our Blog post by clicking here for more information on FIV in cats). Hex will need garden access; a secure garden where he is unlikely to encounter other cats is best, as he has been worried by other cats coming into his garden in his previous home, but equally he has struggled with not going outside at all).

In the words of his previous owner,..

"Please consider giving Hex a chance. He is a beautiful boy with real character and is extremely sociable, always looking for a lap to sit on or cuddles to be had. I would have loved to keep Hex but sadly [due to circumstances beyond my control] I can no longer do so."

To apply to offer Hex his forever home please complete our Perfect Match form, emailing it to


8 years / Female / Domestic Longhair

Shy girl Maggie is struggling in the cattery yet making great progress, all things considered.

She had been living as a stray for years (she is thought be around 8 years old) and we were alerted when the person who had been feeding her could no longer do so.

She is now looking for an understanding forever home, where she can learn to enjoy the luxury of being a cat in a loving home.

An adult-only home is being sought, we think dogs may be a bit much for her but a feline friend or two may help her gain confidence.

Maggie will need lots of time, space and patience; giving her her own room while she settles in will be essential and all introductions need to be taken very slowly.

She loves her food and right now that seems to be the way to her heart, as she is becoming much more tolerant of us taking her meals to her.

She's very much a work in progress, but has come on amazingly considering her years living on the streets. If you can help her continue her journey to becoming a loved and cherished pet, please to complete a Perfect Match form.


13 years / Female / Domestic Shorthair

Aged 13, poor Linda is feeling a little bewildered after finding herself in rescue, due to her owner suffering ill health.

She's an absolutely wonderful girl, very chatty, friendly and affectionate; this girl absolutely craves company.

Linda has previously lived with another cat though she'd probably enjoy being the centre of her human's attention now she's an older lady. She'd love a garden to potter in, but she wouldn't want to wander far-she has a metal plate in her leg from a previous injury, which slows her down a little.

Linda is currently suffering with cystitis, a condition caused and exacerbated by stress in cats. Unfortunately, Linda has been suffering this for some time, so it is likely she will need ongoing anti-inflammatory medication. 

This can be discussed with staff by calling 01905 821272 (option 2).

To apply to adopt Linda, please complete and return a Perfect Match form.


2-3 years / Female / Domestic Shorthair

Rochelle is yet another young female cat who was found living outdoors with a litter of kittens. And this, we suspect, is not her first litter.

Rochelle was trapped after a concerned member of the public alerted us. One of our amazing volunteers then returned to the scene-twice-to trap her five kittens. The kittens are now in foster care and Rochelle is ready for her new start.

Though initially a little feisty, this girl is actually a sweetheart. She's been through so much (and no doubt, so many pregnancies) that she had had enough of being a mum and now she has been spayed she will no longer have to endure the constant cycle of pregnancy and birth, taking a terrible toll upon her health.

She enjoys food and fuss, though the fuss is best received on her terms-when she's had enough, she will let you know.

She is a lovely girl and enjoys company but has an independent streak too. We estimate her to be around 2-3 years old.

To apply to offer Rochelle her forever home, please complete our Perfect Match form.


1 year / Female / Domestic Shorthair

Sadly, Jasmine is another little lady who wasn't spayed, so ended up giving birth to kittens when still a baby herself - she is only around a year old, and we understand that this wasn't even her first litter...

We don't believe Jasmine has ever experienced a real home life, but she isn't what we would term "feral". She never lashes out; she is just terrified and doesn't understand being confined in a cattery.

She is making slow progress and has recently even accepted being touched by one of our staff members, so we feel sure that she can and will adapt to home life.

Another cat may help her to adjust - having lived outdoors with other cats all her life, seeing another feline interacting with and trusting humans may well help her to gain confidence.

Jasmine will be a slow burner; she will need time, space and understanding, but she has lots of potential. These cats shouldn't be written off because of their troubled starts in life, which could-and should-have been so easily avoided.

To apply to give this lovely young lady her second chance please complete and return a Perfect Match form.


5-10 years / Male / Domestic Shorthair

As his name suggests, Jumbo is a big chap but a real gentle soul. He did live with another (female) cat who apparently picked on him at times, and while he hasn't lived with children, we are told that he was gentle with those he has come into contact with.

At the moment he hides in his bed, but he is just a bit scared; he is affectionate and friendly and is happy to be accept strokes.

He was signed into our care through no fault of his own and has had a couple of homes previously, having been with his most recent owner for two years.

He has been living as an indoor cat but we do think he would enjoy the opportunity to go outside, so a home with a nice, secure garden would be ideal.

We estimate Jumbo to be 5-10 years old and unfortunately he has been suffering with his skin, possibly due to some sort of allergy. Our vets are now treating him with antibiotics as he has a wound at the base of his tail which is quite sore as he has clearly been licking it. Once we have treated this and resolved the issues with his skin, he will be ready to head off to his forever home so if you would like to register an interest, please complete a Perfect Match form which can be found at the top of this page, and email it to

Miss Pillows

6 months / Female / Domestic Shorthair

This adorable and rather cheeky little lady is Miss Pillows!

She is almost 6 months old and is full of character and fun, and she has a very loud miaow when she wants attention (which is often!)!

Miss Pillows was signed into our care as she was getting stressed by the children in her home, so she'll need a home with no young children (older teenagers should be fine), and we think she'd benefit from the company of another young cat to play with.
She absolutely loves fuss and attention and has lots of energy... so be prepared!

If you have another young cat who would appreciate a vocal playmate who has bags of tortie-tude, then please complete a Perfect Match form, which should be emailed to


We are always on the look out for alternative, rural homes which can provide an outdoor lifestyle for cats who have not been properly socialised with humans, where they are able to live more independently from people whilst still having the security of shelter, regular meals and veterinary care should they become injured or unwell. These homes must allow cats to roam freely without being confined and provide a sheltered environment where they can eat and sleep.

Some types of homes they may like to live at might include, but are not limited to, stables, farms, gardens (with outbuildings), garden centres etc.

You might consider yourself more of a 'guardian' than the owner of these cats but, in the same way that people enjoy feeding and helping the wildlife they live alongside, caring for one of these cats and allowing them to live independently yet safely can actually be very rewarding.

If you can give one of these cats their second chance and are able to offer them suitable accommodation and commit to their care, then please do get in touch - these kinds of homes are very much sought after and needed! You can email us at or give us a call on 01905 821272 (option 2).

*Please note that all cats will be neutered, chipped and health checked prior to leaving our care.*