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All of our cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and given flea and worming treatment before adoption. Most of these cats have been rescued by RSPCA Inspectors or found abandoned and wandering the streets. Our animals are moving in and out of our care on a daily basis, as such the featured animals on these pages do not represent the full extent of animals in our care and sometimes we are unable to post some of our animals online.

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2 years / Female / Domestic Shorthair

This lovely natured girl is Molly. She is 2 years old and has been well loved but unfortunately she was being bullied by the other cat in her home so was becoming extremely stressed.

Possibly as a consequence of this, she has had issues with her skin, with red itchy sore patches. This is now starting to heal nicely though and our vets have advised that as long as new owners are vigilant about administering monthly flea treatments, Molly should be fine.

Though she hides in her bed, when you reach in to give her a fuss and she is THE most gentle and affectionate little lady, who will roll over for tummy fuss.

She has lived with children and a dog so we would consider the same in a new home, as long as it was a calm, quiet household. Definitely no other cats though.

To apply to offer this delightful little princess her happy ever after, please complete our online form :
Perfect Match Form CATS (

Barbie & Lewis (RESERVED)

6 months / Female / Male / Domestic Shorthair

Barbie and her brother Lewis (can you guess that they came in during the whole "Barbenheimer" phenomenon??) are the final remaining residents of our "kitten corridor", after brothers Robert and Leslie went off to their new home today, and Fin and Milo found theirs too!

You may remember these babies as they were abandoned in July in the pouring rain, with their heavily pregnant mum, Doreen, all five cats taped up inside a filthy rabbit hutch.

Considering their traumatic start in life, the kittens have done incredibly well, but sadly poor Lewis is still very, very scared of people.

While Barbie (as you can see from the photos) is adventurous, fun-loving and affectionate, Lewis still hides in his bed and hisses, though he is great around other cats.

Our team are working with him and we can hand feed him (in the safety of his bed) and gently stroke his head (which he tolerates rather than enjoys at the moment) but we feel he and his sister do really need to find their forever family in order for him to truly learn to trust humans.

Due to how nervous Lewis is, we are seeking a home with either just adults, or very cat-savvy, calm and sensible older teenagers. Other cats wouldn't be an issue, but we think a dog may be a step too far for Lewis.

Aged 6 months, these little ones are still playful kittens but they're past the stage of climbing legs, and they just need a loving and understanding home.

To apply to offer them this, please complete our online form: Perfect Match Form CATS (


5-8 years / Male / Domestic Shorthair

We can excuse Buster's slightly grumpy expression, as this poor lad has really been through the mill.

A member of the public, who had been feeding him as a stray for some time, contacted us after noticing a large open wound on his neck which was turning necrotic. After battling him into a carrier (and sustaining a war wound for her trouble!) she managed to get him to our vets for treatment. Had it been left much longer it's doubtful he would have survived so we're very glad we were alerted to his plight when we were!

It was the same old story with him...not chipped or neutered, bearing injuries and scars from all the fights he has had, and diagnosed as FIV+... though his wound has healed so well it just goes to show that FIV is no barrier to a cat living a normal, healthy life. These street boys are tough cookies!

Yet under that tough looking exterior, these cats are still just kittens at heart, looking for someone to love them.
Buster did bond with the daughter of the person who was feeding him, and although he's still wary of us, we're starting to get some slow blinks and we know from experience that once these street boys let down their guard and begin to trust, they invariably become the most loving, cuddly companions (remember Den Den?!).

Estimated to be between 5 and 8 years, life hasn't been kind to this boy but that's all due to change as we are now seeking his forever home. If you have a soft spot for a big old street cat with raggedy ears and many tales to tell, please get in touch!
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Queen Caterina (RESERVED)

18 months / Female / Turkish Angora

This stunning girl, with azure eyes and a gossamer silky soft coat, is 18-month-old Turkish Angora, Queen Caterina.
Though she exudes a regal air, she soon turns into a real cuddle monster, loving fuss and attention, and she will roll around and give head bumps.

She is a little timid at times; loud noises spook her and we have noticed that she can be a little unsure of men.
She hasn't lived with other animals and, as she can be a little over-zealous in play, we would advise no very young children. Queen Caterina does love company, so she'd like a home where someone is around for a good deal of the day.

To apply to offer this Queen amongst cats her purr-fect forever home, please complete our online form: Perfect Match Form CATS (


1 year / Male / Domestic Midhair

Oakley is approximately a year old and was reportedly annoying the other cats in his neighbourhood - unsurprising, given his status as a young, entire male.

Now in our care and booked in for his neuter op, we can confirm that Oakley is an extremely friendly, affectionate boy with a floofy tail and lots of love to give.

If you are interested in offering him his purr-fect happy ever after, please complete our online form: Perfect Match Form CATS (


2 years / Female / Domestic Shorthair

A couple of weeks ago we shared a post about a young female cat who had been found injured, suspected to have been hit by a car as she was dragging her back legs.

When she was taken to our vets, it was found that she was lactating, suggesting that she had very recently given birth. Our staff searched the local area and knocked on doors, but despite our appeal for information, unfortunately no kittens were ever located. 

Understandably Shelly, as we have named her, was rather sad and bewildered, but thankfully the injuries she sustained were minor - after an anti-inflammatory injection, the next day she was up and about and moving fine.

She's now been with us for two weeks and she is a friendly, sweet natured little lady who loves fuss and enjoys her food.

We obviously have no history on her, so we're unsure whether she's lived with cats/dogs/children.

We estimate Shelly to be around 2 years old.

If you would like to express an interest in offering her her forever home, please complete our online form: Perfect Match Form CATS (


8-10 years / Male / Domestic Shorthair

If Gerald looks half asleep, that's probably because he is...
He's a chilled out gent who can normally found napping, and he just loves his home comforts.

Estimated to be 8-10 years old, he has been living stray for a few months. The person feeding him wanted to keep him as he's a lovely boy, but sadly he was attacking the resident cats. In fact, while he's a sweetie with humans, Gerald does not like other cats AT ALL...

If you are interested in offering him a home, free of other cats of course, you can register your interest by completing our online form: Perfect Match Form CATS (


3 years / Female / Domestic Shorthair

This stunningly beautiful girl is 3-year-old Ripple.

Ripple has been a well-loved pet who has unfortunately found herself in our care through no fault of her own.

Due to a change in circumstances, Ripple went from being the only cat in her home to living with a number of other cats, which she found very stressful. Consequently, we are looking for a home where she is the only cat.
Ripple has the most delicate, kittenish, sing-song miaow, and she is definitely a chatty girl. She's brand new in, so still a little shy initially, but she soon warms up and is super-affectionate, giving head bumps, winding herself around your legs and, if you sit down, she'll soon climb onto your lap.

We are told that she's a cat who will always greet you when you arrive home, but equally she enjoys the independence of being able to go outside, so access to outdoors is must for her in her new home.

She really is a lovely cat who will make a wonderful kitty companion, so if you're interested in giving her a loving home we'd love to hear from you.

Please complete our online form here: