Please call 01905 821272 (Option 2) if you think you can provide a loving home

All of our cats are neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and given flea & worming treatment before adoption. Most of these cats have been rescued by RSPCA Inspectors or found abandoned and wandering the streets. Our animals are moving in and out of our care on a daily basis, as such the featured animals on these pages do not represent the full extent of animals in our care and sometimes we are unable to post some of our animals online.

Below is a link to download an application form/Perfect match form, please fill this out and email it to the address below. If you are struggling to fill out the PDF document, then please email us requesting a form and we will send you a word document version instead.


We always have kittens either in our care or due to come in to us for adoption, even if they are not currently advertised on our website.

 If you are thinking of adopting a kitten then please complete a Perfect Match form (link above) and email it to our staff - we will keep your application on file and, as and when kittens become available, we will contact you. 


We are always on the look out for alternative, rural homes which can provide an outdoor lifestyle for cats who have not been properly socialised with humans, where they are able to live more independently from people whilst still having the security of shelter, regular meals and veterinary care should they become injured or unwell. These homes must allow cats to roam freely without being confined and provide a sheltered environment where they can eat and sleep.

Some types of homes they may like to live at might include, but are not limited to, stables, farms, gardens (with outbuildings), garden centres etc.

You might consider yourself more of a 'guardian' than the owner of these cats but, in the same way that people enjoy feeding and helping the wildlife they live alongside, caring for one of these cats and allowing them to live independently yet safely can actually be very rewarding.

If you can give one of these cats their second chance and are able to offer them suitable accommodation and commit to their care, then please do get in touch - these kinds of homes are very much sought after and needed! You can email us at or give us a call on 01905 821272 (option 2).

*Please note that all cats will be neutered, chipped and health checked prior to leaving our care.*


2-5 years old / Female/ Domestic Shorthair

I'm Star and I'm between 2 and 5 years old.

I came into the centre after my owner could no longer take care of me. When I arrived I was suffering with severe FAD which meant that my skin was very itchy and sore and I'd lost quite a lot of fur. Having now received the right treatment my skin is much improved and my lovely tabby fur is growing back nicely.

I am now ready to find my forever home but I can be quite nervous so I'd ideally like to be the only pet and an adult only home would be best. I do enjoy fuss when I get to know you and just need to build my confidence so my star quality can shine through and I can live up to my name!

If you'd like to meet me then give the centre a call on 01905 821272 (option 2) after 11am or email a Perfect Match form to


5-10 Years Old / Male / Domestic Long-Hair

This handsome chap came to us a little while ago. When he first arrived at the centre, he was very nervous and would swipe if we got too close. Now after a few weeks of some much deserved TLC, he has come out of his shell.

Keith is a bit unsure on people he does not know, however, once he gets to know you, and when he realises you are not going to hurt him (plus some bribery with treats) he will start coming up and rubbing against your legs as a ploy to get some head rubs and some more treats. He isn't a big fan on being constricted in a pen, and gets much braver and friendlier once he gets out.

Taking on Keith will be a challenge for the first few weeks/months; however, we know that in time and with lots of patience he will be great company. We will be looking for a rural home that is adult only.

If you would like to apply for Keith, please send us an application form to Forms are found at the top of this page.


Recently Keith has become much more amendable to handling, allowing us to stroke him and even pick him up at times (on his own terms of course!). We have also discovered that he quite enjoys being brushed which is great news as we can now keep his lovely coat looking its best.

Though potential adopters will still need to be cautious around Keith and learn to read his cues we do feel with the right person he will thrive in a home environment. 


2-5 years / Male / Domestic Shorthair

This lovely lad is Stirling. Stirling came into our care from a hoarding situation. The fight marks on his face, are most probably from him fighting for his share of the little food on offer. This boy has had little to no social interaction, but is responding well to care. We think he will do best as the only cat in the household.

He's a quiet, unassuming little chap who has been through so much and this experience has left him very sad and shut down and the cattery is not the best environment for him as he really needs a kind, caring home of his own.

If you can offer him a loving home, please give us a call on 01905 821272 (option 2) or email us a perfect match form to


8-10 years / Male / Domestic Shorthair

This chunk of love is our Beau, he's a real favourite amongst our staff and volunteers as he's a total sweetheart!

We estimate Beau to be somewhere between 8 and 10 years old and he was found living as a stray in a very poor state, covered in ticks, with a high temperature and very underweight.

He was terribly frightened when he first came into the centre but he soon realised that we just wanted to make him better and it didn't take long before he showed what a loving, friendly boy he is. 

Beau loves company, head rubs and his food and now what he really needs is a loving home to call his own.

If you would like to know more about this lovely boy please give our team a call on 01905 821272 (option 2) after 11am or complete a Perfect Match Form which can be found at the top of this page emailed to

Elsa  1


Approx 3 years / Female / Domestic Longhair

Elsa came to us back in April, having been found living on the streets and suffering with a terrible skin condition.

We soon realised that Elsa's problems were complex and we have worked tirelessly to nurse her back to health. Sadly, every time we have seen improvements, her skin has flared up again.

After a huge amount of medical treatment, including antibiotics and regular steroid injections, feeding her special hypoallergenic food and trying to ensure any potential irritants are minimised (ie: washing her bedding in non-bio etc), we have had her screened for allergies and it turns out that our Elsa is allergic to rather a lot (including, ironically, her special, hypoallergenic diet).

Her dietary allergens include Chicken, Soyabean, Corn, Rice, Oatmeal, Peas and Tomato and she is also allergic to Grass, Weeds, Trees, Moulds, Mites and Insects.

Our team have done lots of research on suitable foods and bought different ones for her to sample (not helped by the fact that she has the most discerning of palates!).

We have now narrowed it down to a couple that she will eat and now we can already see some improvement although she is still far from cured.

Our feeling now is that Elsa needs to be in a home environment and so we are starting to look for a medium/long-term foster for her.

Elsa will absolutely, 100% need to be a housecat. Due to her environmental allergies she cannot go outside at all and this means her home would need to provide her with lots of enrichment and company.

Again, due to her allergies, she would have to be the only pet. Ideally Elsa would be best suited to a quiet, adult-only home where someone is around for her all day, we feel that she'd just love to be a lap cat and to be treated like the princess she is!

She will also need to be with someone who recognises her precise dietary needs and will adhere to this, who will continue to ensure that everything she comes into contact with is thoroughly cleaned, only using non-bio products and who will make certain that she is closely monitored and has regular vet checks. Even though she will live as an indoor cat she will still need a regular flea treatment regimen.

We will work alongside and support Elsa's carer to ensure that all of her needs are met but taking on a cat with her specific needs will take a very special kind of person.

Elsa is a total sweetheart and has been very unlucky in life so far, having been afflicted with this awful skin condition and then finding herself living as a stray. Now Elsa deserves the best, she needs a home where she will be loved, nurtured and cared for.

If you feel you could foster Elsa, giving her all that she needs and deserves, supported at all times by us, then please give our team a call on 01905 821272 (option 2) or email us at



Male / 2-5 years / Domestic Shorthair

Unfortunately we are struggling to get photographs of Digby for our website as he is extremely nervous and at the moment he is not keen on people entering his pen.

Digby is a tabby and white boy, estimated to be around 2-5 years old and he came into the Centre as a stray, having been looked after for the past 4 months by staff at a Care Home. 

Since coming into our care he is very shut down and he is clearly very uncomfortable being in the cattery environment. We are continuing to work with him to assess his needs but we are keen to try to find him a home as we feel that this will benefit him much more than staying long-term in our cattery.

Any potential adopter would need to speak to our staff about Digby as our assessment of him is ongoing although we would insist upon a adult-only home with no other pets.

To speak to us about Digby please contact us on 01905 821272 (option 2).


Male / 1-2 years / Domestic Shorthair

This lovely, wide-eyed young boy is Sable.

Sable has come into us from a home environment where he previously lived with another cat. 

He is an affectionate boy but coming into our cattery is all rather overwhelming and scary for him. Sable also has only ever known men so it is possible he is finding being in the company of our female staff members a little strange!

He is still very new to the Centre but we can see progress already as initially he was terribly nervous, hiding away in his pod but he is now sitting outside of it and we feel sure he will soon come to trust us and show his loving and affectionate nature.

Please submit a Perfect Match form (found at the top of this page) if you think you could be the person to give Sable the security of his loving, forever home.


Approx 5 years / Female / Domestic Shorthair

We'd like to introduce you all to Lily, our resident su-paw-model who really does enjoy striking a pose for the camera!

Lily is a gentle, friendly girl who has settled into her new environment very quickly and easily. She enjoys visitors to her pen but -as one might expect from a sassy supermodel- she has just a teensy bit of cattitude and likes to be the one to call the shots when it comes to fuss and attention. If you're happy to give her head rubs when she asks for them and not just when you feel like it, then you and Lily will get along like a house on fire!

She is a really calm, chilled out girl who loves her food and her comfort and she would enjoy a home where she can do her own thing, relax and take life easy.

We think Lily would be best suited to live with adults or older children; we're not convinced that she'd be too keen on dogs but she could possibly live with another cat as she seems indifferent to the others she has seen in the cattery.

If you would like to share your life with our lovely Lily then please complete our Perfect Match form which can be found above and email it to