Please call 01905 821272 (Option 2) if you think you can provide a loving home

All of our cats are neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and given flea & worming treatment before adoption. Most of these cats have been rescued by RSPCA Inspectors or found abandoned and wandering the streets. Our animals are moving in and out of our care on a daily basis, as such the featured animals on these pages do not represent the full extent of animals in our care and sometimes we are unable to post some of our animals online.

Below is a link to download an application form/Perfect match form, please fill this out and email it to the address below. If you are struggling to fill out the PDF document, then please email us requesting a form and we will send you a word document version instead.


We are always on the look out for rural homes for feral cats that come into our care. Feral cats aren’t going to curl up on your lap and they aren’t going to shower you with affectionate headbutts. They are unsocialised, wild creatures that are highly unlikely to be tamed.

These cats will avoid human contact and are content with living on their own terms in the open if they have shelter away from the elements and regular food on offer. They may help control local rodent population. Finding homes is extremely difficult as we need to be confident that they will be fed, monitored if they become unwell and have somewhere safe and sheltered to sleep.

All feral cats will be health checked, neutered and chipped before adopted. Feral cats need homes like – working farms, stables, or rural homes, If you think you can help out a feral cat, please call the Centre on 01905 821272 (option 2).


8 years old / Male / Domestic shorthair

Hello everyone! This lovely boy is Marley, he is a very sweet and affectionate 8-year-old who came back to the Centre through no fault of his own. You may recognise him from two of the videos we posted a few days ago for Mother’s Day.

Although he can be a bit anxious to start off with, once he’s given a few moments to know you, he comes out of his shell and will demand your full attention for fuss. Marley is a very active cat who would really benefit from being in a nice semi-rural area, where he can get plenty of exercise and time outside.

Marley does have something called Stomatitis, which will have to be managed through specialised oral dry food and annual vet check-ups. He made need tooth extractions in the future.

 If you are interested in giving Marley a loving new forever home, then please get in touch by either ringing the centre on 01905 821272 (option 2) send us an application form to . Forms are found on at the top of this page. 


3 years old / Female / British shorthair

Frosty is a female 3-year-old Silver striped British Blue. She is visually a stunning cat; she has been bred to be so. However, we are seeking owners who will appreciate this cat, and want to own her for her very complex and strong character as a priority, and not her looks.

Frosty is highly intelligent, she has a strong prey drive, she is young active and very playful.

While she requires a lot of simulation, it has to be on her terms, she can and does misinterpreted a lot of human actions, and can be fearful of sudden movements and unknown actions, which she sees as a threat. While Frosty has never shown any aggression to the staff who care for her, and is in fact extremely affectionate with them, we do know Frosty will lash out aggressively if she is worried, anxious, or fearful. She can be anxious around men.

We are seeking a very special home for this cat, she needs to be the only pet, no resident children and a relatively quiet household, we do not believe Frosty will ever be able to cope with a lot of new and different people coming into her space. She will require a cat proof garden, not a catio, which will not meet her needs for mental and physical stimulation.

We are seeking a committed and understanding owner, who is prepared to give this cat the time she needs to overcome her insecurities, and allow her to become the loving cat we see on a daily basis.

If you are interested in Frosty, please send us an application for to . We have made an individual application form for this special girl, please press the button below to download the application form. You may need to print this out, fill it in and scan it back to us. PLEASE do not use any other form except this one.

Petal (Applications closed)

3 years old / Female / Domestic shorthair

This is the beautiful 3-year-old Petal, who recently came in after her owner unfortunately passed away. Once petal gets to know you, she loves coming out of her bed for fuss and attention.

Petal is a sweet girl once she starts to trust you, however she is very nervous to begin with and can get spooked quite easily. We are looking for a quiet and calm home for her with no young children or dogs due to her stress levels in a busy environment.

If you think you can provide petal with her perfect forever home, please send us an application form to Forms are found at the top of this page.


1 year old / Female / Domestic shorthair

The lovely lady is 1-year-old Tulip. Tulip came into the shelter only recently and has already won the hearts of all the staff here with her goofy personality. She can be a bit shy to begin with but when she realizes you are not going to her, she will pop out of her bed and give you lots of meows for attention and head strokes.

You will often find Tulip waiting for attention in her inner pen. When she sees someone coming in to give her attention, she will do a little twirl, stick out her tongue and meow for fuss.

When Tulip first came in, she was underweight, nervous and riddled with fleas, now that she is here, warm, fed and loved by everyone who meets her, she is now ready to go to her new family in her perfect forever home.

If you think you could give Tulip the home she deserves, please send us an application form to Forms are found at the top of this page.

Jocelyn (RESERVED) 

16 weeks old / Female / Domestic shorthair

Meet Jocelyn, she is a 16-week-old kitten who recently came in through no fault of her own. Jocelyn is a very nervous kitten who was found living outside on a feral farm. The kind people that found her made some progress, but in the end could no longer care for her.

Jocelyn is still very nervous and does not like anyone touching her. We are looking for a nice quiet home, with no children or dogs. New owners will need to be very patient as bringing her round could take a while, but hopefully with a lot of time and love she will start to accept people int her life.

If you think you could be her the family that she is looking for, please send us an application form to Forms are found at the top of this page.


10-14 year old / Female / Domestic shorthair

This Beautiful lady is 10 - 14 year old Alex. She recently came into our care after her owner sadly passed away. Alex is a sweet older girl who is very confused and nervous about all this sudden change in her life.

We are looking for a quiet home for Alex with someone that has the patience to let her come out of her shell in her own time. When we took her to the vets, they discovered a grade 4 heart murmur, because of this she will need medication for the rest of her life. The tablets can be put in her food and they cost about £21 a month.

If you think you could offer Alex the home she deserves, please send us an application form to  Forms are found at the top of this page


4 year old / Male / Domestic Shorthair

Hello, my name is bunny, I am a shy little guy who came into the RSPCA as a stray.

Because of the time I spent as a stray I can be very nervous especially around new people, choosing to hide in my pod bed to feel safe. However, the staff at the centre believe that with the right amount patience and TLC I will start to come out my shell and become the confidant cat I know I can be. Because of this I am looking for a loving adult only home with people who can give me the time I need.

If you would like to apply to adopt bunny please download an application form from and email the completed form to or for more information about bunny please call 01905 821 272 (Option 2)