Visit the National RSPCA Web Site on the care of

Rabbits & Guinea pigs 

Please call 01905 821272 (Option 2) if you think you can provide a loving home for one of our rabbits or guinea pigs. 

All of our Rabbits are neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and given flea treatment. Our animals are moving in and out of our care on a daily basis, as such the featured animals on these pages do not necessarily represent the full extent of animals in our care and sometimes we are unable to post some of our animals online.

Please note that we do not house or rehome rabbits and guinea pigs together.

Rabbits and Guinea pigs are highly social animals and need to be housed with an animal of their own species. If adopting a single rabbit from us, your current rabbit must be Neutered and Fully vaccinated.

Please visit this website on the care of rabbits and our minumum size requirements for rabbit accomidation -

Below is a link to download an application form/Perfect match form, please fill this out and email it to the below address. If you are struggling to fill out the PDF document, then please email us requesting a form and we will send you a word document version instead.

**Please note that we use the rabbit application forms for Guinea pigs as well**


2 years old / Male / Lop-eared Rabbit

This sweet boy is called Flumpy and his hobby is to jumpy. Flumpy is a lop-eared rabbit around 2 years of age, who came in recently through no fault of his own.

As you can see from the pictures, he has some fur missing on his ears from over itching, he was taken to the vets and was put on a course of antibiotics. His ears have now healed very well with no more cause of concern.

Flumpy is a quiet and friendly chap who has spent his life as an outdoor bunny – however he is very tidy and would suit a home outdoors or indoors. Please see the links below on our minimum size requirements for accommodation.

If you would like to apply to adopt Flumpy, please send us an application form to Forms are found on at the top of this page.

To know more about this special boy please call the centre of 01905 821272 (Option 2). As we are quite busy at the moment, if we do not answer please leave a voicemail with your name and number and someone will get back to you.

David and Bowie (RESERVED)

4 years old / Male / Netherland dwarves

This adorable pair of bunnies are 4-year-old David and Bowie. They came in recently after their owners could no longer look after them.

David (the black bunny) loves his food and is always first to run up and stick his head in his nugget bowl. David enjoys getting lots of strokes off the staff, and to run and bink around. His wooden house is his favorite item in his pen, and you will normally find him on top of it, having a nap.

David did have a blocked tear duct when he entered the centre, which has now been flushed at the vets. Any new owner will need to take him to get annual vet checks and daily monitoring of his health as he may potentially need to get his eye flushed again sometime in the future.

Bowie (the white bunny) is the more confident brother and will always be first out of his pen to greet you. If you stop stroking him, he will gently nudge your hand to get your attention, once he has it, he will rest his head on the floor or your shoe for you to give him head strokes.

David and Bowie have always been indoor bunnies, so we are looking for a nice new family that can give them an indoor lifestyle with access to a run outside. We are currently litter training these two boys. They are both sweet boys who love to follow you around.

If you think you could be David and Bowie’s new forever family, please send us an application form to Forms are found at the top of this page.