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 Rabbits & Small Animals

Please call 01905 821272 (Option 2) if you think you can provide a loving home

All of our Rabbits are neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and given flea treatment. Most of these rabbits have been rescued by RSPCA Inspectors. Our animals are moving in and out of our care on a daily basis, as such the featured animals on these pages do not necessarily represent the full extent of animals in our care and sometimes we are unable to post some of our animals online. 

Please note we do not re-home Rabbits with Guinea Pigs together as this is not recommended. The only possible exception is where they have come in together and have bonded, however even then they are to be observed to ensure that they are alright together.

All of our guinea pigs and rabbits need to have access to a run outside. If the accommodation is outside then the run needs to be permanently attached, if housing inside then they need to have constant access to a room or a run with access outside that they can be placed in when the weather is good. Information of minimum size requirements for accommodation is on a poster below.

If adopting a single rabbit from us, your current rabbit must be Neutered and Fully vaccinated. If adopting a single or pair of female guinea pigs to go with your male guinea pig, then he must be neutered.

Below is a link to download an application form/Perfect match form, please fill this out and email it to the below address.  If you are struggling to fill out the PDF document, then please email us requesting a form and we will send you a word document version instead. 

**Please note that we use the rabbit application forms for Guinea pigs as well**


11 months old / Male / Rex

This lovely boy is called Trevor. You may have seen his brother Fudge who was lucky enough to find his forever home a couple of days ago. It is now Trevor’s turn to find his loving new forever home.

Trevor is a sweet boy but can get very nervous if someone is too loud or moves too quickly - therefore we are looking for any adult only home or a home with understanding older children. He would love a female bunny as a friend, but will need to have an understanding owner that has the time and patience to house them side by side while Trevor gets used to something small and fluffy that hops around him

If you are calm and patient, Trevor will come hopping up to you for a good sniff, and with time and patience he will climb on your lap to see if you have any tasty treats for him.  We are currently litter training Trevor - and as he is a clever boy, he is picking it quickly.

Our minimum requirements for a rabbit enclosure are 6ft x 2ft x 2ft with a permanently attached area of 10ft x 6.5ft x 3.5 ft. Please remember that this is the minimum size for a pair of rabbits - BIGGER is always better.

If you would like to know more about Trevor then please give us a call on 01905 821272 (option 2) or if you are interested in giving Trevor his loving forever home, please contact us by sending us a perfect match form to Forms are found on our website