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Please call 01905 821272 (Option 2) if you think you can provide a loving home

All of our animals are seen by our vets before adoption. Most of these animals have been rescued by RSPCA Inspectors. Our animals are moving in and out of our care on a daily basis, as such the featured animals on these pages do not necessarily represent the full extent of animals in our care and sometimes we are unable to post some of our animals online.  

Below is a link to download an application form/Perfect match form, please fill this out and email it to the below address. If you are struggling to fill out the PDF document, then please email us requesting a form and we will send you a word document version instead.

**Please note that we use the Rabbit application forms for Guinea pigs as well**

Hallo & Weeny

3 years / 4-5 years / Male / Guinea Pig

These little guys are Hallo and Weeny!

They may be a bit late for trick or treating, but they're right on time to find themselves a new home together, and whoever adopts this pair of piggies will be very lucky as they are such lovely boys!

Hallo (ginger boy) is the slightly more confident of the two - he is very inquisitive, loves to explore and enjoys climbing onto laps. He's always on the look-out for food and treats too!

His pal, Weeny, is the older of the two, estimated 4-5 years, whereas we are told that Hallo is around 3.

Weeny is a little more shy than his friend but they are both very handleable, and they both enjoy being brushed, which is good as they will require regular grooming. They came to us with very long claws too, but they have both been really good about having them clipped.

If you would like to offer Hallo and Weeny their forever home, please complete a Perfect Match form.