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Multimammate girl group

  • Age: 20 weeks old 
  • Breed: Multimammate mice / African soft-furred rats
  • Gender: Female
  • Home: Large glass tank with mesh lid minimum 100cm by 50cm by 50cm. (currently housed in a tiled IKEA Linmon conversion)
  • Company: To stay as a group of 6 

A little about our girls:

These little ladies are our remaining 6 multimammate girls; Tiana, Desdemona, Juliet, Margaret, Ophelia and Perdita.

These guys were 6 of 45 multimammate mice we received from inspectors back at the end of July and are now the last group we have up for adoption ready to find their forever homes. (Otherwise known as African soft furred-rats / ASFs).
This group are at our centre and can be viewed by appointment any day of the week from 11am to 4pm. They are friendly, inquisitive and a joy to watch run around their accommodation.

Multimammate mice like to climb on their branches, but love to burrow more! They need lots of bedding to make their tunnels that you can see at the front of their enclosure. They are very active animals and you will often see them running on their wheel and foraging for their scattered food.

They are a tidy bunch, choosing to toilet in one or two spots in their cage which is nice and easy to remove. As far as rodents go, their toileting hasn't got a strong smell and they don't need to ever be fully cleaned, instead spot cleaned regularly (taking out the noticeable 'mess') and a thorough clean every month which would be removing the bedding from their toileting areas so to not remove their smell completely

If you have any questions about them, their care or to meet them, please send us an email at emily@rspcaworcster.org.uk
If you would like to apply to adopt, you can complete our application form online by clicking the link below:APPLY ONLINE TO ADOPT

Upon completion, just hit "Submit" and your form will be sent straight over to our team.

All animals at our centre are vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and health checked by a veterinarian.