1. Dogs must remain on non-extended leads, and be under the handler’s control and supervision at all times.
2. Owners or handlers must clean up after their dogs. Bins are provided.
3. Dogs must not be left unattended in vehicles.
4. Please do not bring any dogs which you think may be aggressively reactive to other dogs or people.
5. Dogs with cropped ears or docked tails will not be permitted to enter dog show classes.
6. Dogs wearing shock collars, including e-collars and pronged collars will not be permitted to attend the event.
7. To qualify for entry into the ‘Best Puppy’ class, the puppy must be between six and twelve months old.
8. To qualify for entry into the ‘Best Veteran’ class, the dog must be over seven years of age.
9. To qualify for entry into the ‘Best Handler’ class, the handler must be under 16 years of age.
10. Please ensure you follow standard veterinary advice that your dog is correctly vaccinated to prevent disease. Do not bring your dog if they are feeling unwell, have vomited or suffered diarrhoea within the past 48 hours or you suspect they are suffering from a contagious condition.
11. Do not bring a bitch if she is in season.
12. RSPCA Worcester & Mid-Worcestershire Branch and its volunteers assisting with the dog show do not accept responsibility for any injury to people or animals whilst attending the dog show. By attending, you are agreeing to take responsibility for any injury or damage caused by your dog.
13. We reserve the right to remove any dog from the show ring if he or she is being aggressive towards another dog or person, is being disruptive to the competition, or is showing any signs of stress, anxiety, fear, illness or injury.
14. Anyone who wishes to enter their dog into a class must register and pay the entrance fee at least 15 minutes before the scheduled class. Entry fee for each class is £2.00.
15. If a participant is late for their class, we will do our best to slot the entrant into another class. This is not guaranteed and no refund of registration fee will be made.
16. If a pre-registered entrant fails to turn up for a class, no refund will be given.
17. We reserve the right to alter or amend the schedule of classes if necessary, and to move a participant to another suitable class.
18. By taking part in the dog show, participants are agreeing to both themselves and their dog being photographed or videoed, and for those images to be used, without payment, for publicity including on our Branch website, our social media sites or in the local press. Surnames will not be used, unless permission is granted by those involved.
19. Attendees must follow directions to designated field parking at a cost of £1 per vehicle. Disabled parking is catered for.
20. We do not accept any responsibility for damage to vehicles, their contents or loss of property.
21. For safety reasons, the maximum number of entrants in each class is limited to 20.
22. Rosettes and prizes will be awarded to fourth place, plus a rosette and prize for the Best in Show.
23. The Judge’s decision regarding the winner and runners-up in each class is final.
If your dog has a problem whilst at the dog show, please take him or her to the Veterinary First Aid post by the show ring.
This is situated in the main house.