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James Bounce

  • Age: 7-8 years old
  • Breed: Rex
  • Gender: Male
  • Home: Indoor or outdoors; 3m by 2m by 1m high minimum
  • Company: Looking for a friend


This very handsome bun is Bounce, James Bounce.

James is a seven to eight year old Rex boy, lovingly named after the smooth-talking spy, James Bond, due to him being the seventh small animal to come into our care this year (kennel number ..007). Just like his namesake, our Mr Bounce is just as smooth! James is  lovely rabbit, he was shy to begin with around people, but now he loves to be around everyone and enjoys a good stroke and fuss! As soon as you go into his pen he will start demanding head rubs, sniffing and digging in your pockets trying to find where you've hidden his dried apple treats!

James is a proper gentleman, always using his litter tray for toileting and demanding only the highest of quality hay, nuggets and treats!

James has been living alone for quite some time, so is very eager to now find a forever home with a Miss (or mr) Right (or his own Miss Moneypenny!). 

If you would like to apply to adopt and a friend for Mr Bounce, you can complete our application form online by clicking the link below:

Upon completion, just hit "Submit" and your form will be sent straight over to our team.

All animals at our centre are vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and health checked by a veterinarian.